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Pop-up Tent Trailers: 18 Things Worth Knowing

Whether you want to have a mobile home or a weekend getaway camper, buying a pop-up tent trailer might be the best option for you.  First, they are quite a bit cheaper than buying other towed RVs. A pop-up tent trailer is not only capable of storing large quantities of gear, but can quickly turn into your bedroom wherever you are in a matter of minutes.  Its pop-up feature is a clever piece of tech and engineering, the whole thing collapses down when you don’t need it.

When it’s set up, you’ll have a comfortable living environment, awnings, and even a porch.  Once pitched, we think they can be just as capable and luxurious as almost any other camper, they also look smart.  You can use the pop-up trailer for sleeping, relaxing, or entertaining, then all you need to do is fold it up the next day and you can be on your way again.

I’m here to help you decide whether getting a pop-up tent trailer of your own is your best option.  I’ll share with you everything I know about this unassuming RV.  And I mean everything.  I’m talking about the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything in-between.

You will see and experience camping lifestyle in a different light

So, you’ve always wanted to appreciate camping but perhaps you are such a city slicker that you can’t imagine sleeping in the wilderness with your quilted sleeping bag, not to mention being pestered by flying insects, the weather and whatever else lurks in the dark.  When you have a pop-up tent trailer, its homey conveniences will make you think that you don’t have to be a hard-core camping adventurist to appreciate the outdoors. That doesn’t mean though you can just stay inside the pop-up tent trailer when there is so much to explore outside.  The design and features of a popup tent trailer mean you’re much closer to nature than you would be if you were in a travel trailer or motorhome. You’re going to experience mother nature first hand, there’s very little separating you from the outside.

You’re going to have fun telling your best ghost stories over a campfire and munching smores in between.  Afterward, you can retreat inside to fall into a relaxing sleep on a comfortable double bed in your well-appointed pop-up trailer. Or better yet, continue your story-telling and at the same time gaze at the stars from inside the tent through your ceiling window.

You will find these towaways are not only foldable but also lightweight

I do not know about you but towing a travel trailer or a 5th wheel trailer can be awkward and stressful.  You will even need to adjust your driving as you’re responsible for two vehicles at the same time, your car and the RV.  And this RV alone could be heavier than the truck you’re driving. Such adjustments include braking well in advance as there is often a bit lag with a towed vehicle, just there’s just much more weight to stop.  A slight delay in braking your car could spell disaster on a busy highway.

When you’re backing up with a bulky trailer in tow, you will need to rely on a special side view mirror to make sure you will not hit anyone or anything behind you. However, things are much easier with a pop-up tent trailer, and it’s one the biggest selling points.

First, it is lightweight as it only weighs as little as 600 pounds when empty which is about an eighth of a fraction of a normal size sedan. Sure, there will be some driving tweaks here and there but lugging a tent trailer won’t really make much of a difference in your driving.  In other words, it is very maneuverable.  Second, it is collapsible, so it does not obstruct your rearview mirror and at the same time, you won’t find backing up your vehicle as difficult. For as long as you’re a driver with a valid license, you will need not worry about pulling a pop-up tent trailer

Most pop-up tent trailers will easily fit in your garage

Storing your RV especially during winter months can be a hassle.  Sometimes you will even have to rent a specialist RV parking space, unfortunately, this is going to cost you.  While pop-up tent trailers come in different sizes, their collapsible and overall lightweight design makes storing them a lot easier. For one, you can park the trailer inside an average size car garage. Its height will also not be an issue as they are generally much lower than even sports cars.

If you plan to get one of the incredibly compact pop-up tent trailers, you can just attach it to your pick-up truck or SUV and carry it wherever you are going without much concern for its size.  You’ll barely even notice it’s there most of the time.  This makes pop-up tent trailers especially well-suited to last minute weekend getaways, extensive planning is rarely required.  Simply hook up the pop-up tent and you’re all set to head off on a weekend adventure.

You can do your “business” inside and then some

Say what? Breaking news, a pop-up tent trailer can have bathroom facilities.  While that will mean additional cost if it’s not a standard feature of your trailer, that’s such a relief especially if you’re camped out in the wilderness and suddenly nature calls.  I would say it is going to be a good investment.  Imagine, without a bathroom, you will have to be creative.  Ok, let’s not go there.

When you think about it, you wonder how on earth a teeny tent trailer can fit a toilet inside. Be realistic and do not expect a typical residential bathroom in a trailer.  There’s this thing they call a cassette toilet which is a type of toilet that can be stowed under a storage compartment when not in use, you won’t even realize it’s there.  And it’s tiny yet it serves its purpose.

Meanwhile, let’s push it even further, you can also have your own shower inside.  The most common type would be a wet bathroom where the shower head is almost directly above the toilet.  It can be pretty cramped inside but something’s got to give.  I mean, with this facility, you also have a sink and water tank setup.  That’s a lot I would say.

If you’re tight with your budget though, you can bring along a portable plastic toilet.  Nuff said.

You will feel the heat of these trailers, literally

A pop-up tent trailer’s canvas can get hot when it’s sitting out in the sun, with no shade whatsoever.  If you confine yourself inside, it may begin to closely resemble a sauna or steam bath experience.  Extremely hot weather will affect a pop-up tent trailer significantly more than a travel trailer. The canvas material of the pop-up is thin enough which easily absorbs heat, and it’s thick enough so that it’ll retain heat. It can act as a very efficient greenhouse.

Even your shiny vinyl flooring will heat up and closely resemble what I imagine it feels like to walk on hot coals. If the sun is out in the summertime, whether it stays out in the open or if its parked in a covered space, it will still be hot.  Considering you have a tight area inside as well, staying there will be a sweaty, hellish nightmare you can’t wait to be out of.

Opening the pop-up tent up so that fresh air can get in goes a long way to controlling temperatures, but you can also invest in technology-based solutions which we’ll cover in the next section.

You can have air conditioning and heating units, fortunately

If you are planning to rack up miles with your pop-up tent trailer, then you really should get an A/C and a heater.  It’s great that these trailers can allow for such amenities which add comfort to their residents. Without some sort of airflow, then it can feel like you’re cooking when summer intensifies, so an A/C unit can make the world of difference. In the same manner when it is extremely cold, you will need a heater, otherwise, you will freeze inside considering that most tent trailers use a specially treated canvas which is thin in general.  Even complete insulation won’t cut it when the outside is a winter wonderland.

You can get an A/C designed for campers which are smaller than your usual room-type air conditioning. Portable heaters that can fit nicely in the trailer should likewise be chosen.  When you are lucky enough to have a nice weather, you can just make do with a small oscillating fan just to keep you comfortable and allow for some air circulation.

You can have a hot water heater in there too

Thankfully, this is an option.  Because even if you have a portable heater on during winter inside your trailer, it will not help when you need to take a shower in freezing cold water.  There are better, more convenient heater options for your trailer than boiling your water manually each time.  You can install a small hot water tank which can usually hold up to 10 gallons.  That is less than 20% of a residential hot water tank’s capacity.   And that means you can’t shower too long but that should suffice considering you’re not in a regular bathroom.  And make sure the water heater tank still fits your trailer even if you already made room for a heater and/ or A/C unit.  Depending on how much space you have, you may have to opt for one or the other, but you are camping after all.

You will have to dry out your pop-up after a heavy downpour

Perhaps you were determined to camp, regardless of what the weather forecast was telling you or what the dark clouds on the horizon looked like.  You headed out anyway and hoped for the best.  You were able to set up your trailer nice and fast, and suddenly there comes the rain you were hoping would not happen.  What now? Don’t sit under the awning for starters because you will surely get soaked.  Compress the awning as much as you can to prevent it from getting too wet. More importantly, your tent canvas should be waterproofed, so you won’t worry about any leaks for the time being at least.  But no matter what you do with the awning, it will still get wet in the downpour.

So, you hunker down in your pop-up until the rains subside.  And when they finally do, you must dry out your camper.

Ideally, a spot of sunshine and a light breeze will dry things up nicely, but what if you need to pack up and head home before things have dried up?  You should circulate as much air inside the tent to hasten the drying process.  Or set the tent up once you get home and leave your trailer open, doors and windows for a while until it completely dries.  This could be a challenge during fall or winter as air outside remain damp during much of the season.

The last thing you want to do is to leave the pop-up trailer in a collapsed state for a long period of time while it’s still wet.  If you do, this will give rise to mold and mildew just like any other home furniture that got wet and was not aired out sufficiently.  Here is a simple but sensible advice, avoid using your trailer in the rain frequently if you can help it.  Waterproof properties can wear off easily if it is always exposed to the rain.

You can add custom touches to your trailer’s functionality and appearance

Basically, it’s your pop-up tent trailer, your rules.  You can put whatever appliance you want, may it be a fridge, A/C, portable heater, as long as you stay within your trailer’s space limit, power and load capacity.  You can start by adding an insulating layer to your walls and flooring for basic protection from the cold weather outside.  At the same time, it will serve as sound-proofing of sorts to minimize movement and generator noise.  You might want to add more storage compartments, key holder, coat hooks on the side walls and/ or underneath the floor.  When you have a pop-up tent trailer, you can never have too many shelves or storage cabinets.

Now, if you want to go all-out and money is no object, you can change the color of your trailer’s exterior. Your trailer could very well be your home away from home after all.  You can simply paint over a different color if you have wooden walls to make it your own.  As for your existing amenities, you can change your ordinary mattress into a 4-inch thick, high-density memory foam, add some carpets on your floor to keep you warm and comfortable on a cold night.  Or get more pillows to create a cozy ambiance to your trailer. Then you can add some sliding drapes on your window to shield you from the sun’s strong rays while you sleep in on a lazy Sunday morning.

Your tent trailer’s generator can be a nuisance

You’re probably thinking why a generator that’s considered a great addition to any trailer, proving power, lighting, and entertainment could be considered a nuisance when used with a pop-up trailer tent. I’m of course talking about its noise, which can be quite annoying given the thin walls of a tent.  Most people go camping so that they can enjoy mother nature, perhaps listening to the chirping of the birds, the gentle sound of a cool breeze, which can be ruined by the noise a generator.

The sound penetrates thin walls easily, so you can hear your running generator which can be as unpleasant as sitting next to a running engine, which is basically what it is. Some say the sound it makes is not that bothersome, and it easy to get used to, but I know a lot of people who don’t like it at all that they opt to use AGM batteries and solar panels instead just to avoid the noise it produces.  But if you have no choice but to use a generator whether it’s built-in or portable, it’s just something you’ll have to put up with.

You will have to get used to the tight quarters

Even if there are relatively large pop-up trailers available, I still wouldn’t recommend it to someone that suffers from claustrophobia.  That kind of person will not have a comfortable time inside, to say the least, let alone if he or she must use the teeny tiny bathroom facility, it can be suffocating.  That’s just the reality one must accept if deciding to go on RV living- tent trailer style.

If you think about it, you don’t go camping just to stay inside your trailer.  You should enjoy outdoors more and only use your camper as a place to rest after an activity-filled adventure.  And another good thing is being able to fit your core amenities in the limited space.  You have your bed, sink, fridge, couch, and stove albeit much smaller than what you’re used to.  Important thing is, you will still be able to sleep, cook, relax under the circumstances.  Nevertheless, the trailer lifestyle is not really for everyone.

You will need to take your camper’s tow ratings seriously

When you buy a pop-up tent trailer, don’t forget to read your car’s owner’s manual.  One of the things you need to look at is your vehicle’s tow ratings. You should realize that while pop-up trailers are lightweight in general, you can’t just attach it to your vehicle.  You may own an SUV, minivan, sedan car, or truck, just make sure that the towing capacity is able to handle your pop-up tent trailer.

Don’t just rely on your friends’ recommendations who may or may not be an expert, you need to check and verify the figures yourself. Or if you will skip on reading up and just do your own estimation, chances are, your trailer could be too heavy to tow after its fully loaded. Precious time and money can be wasted.  Stick to what your car manufacturer tells you, check online, in the manual or call the dealership.  It is common to get a downloadable version of your manual if you can’t find your hard copy anymore.

So, you find out about your vehicle’s tow rating.  Average pop-ups can weigh up to 1,000 pounds.  Roughly speaking, the heavier your trailer, the larger vehicle you will need.  It will also mean more gas consumption because the added weight will burn fuel faster. If you have a large SUV, you will be able to tow trailers which can weigh, say, 2,000 pounds.

You should never go beyond that limit, even maximizing the rating at full tow capacity.  It is always better to consider a lower weight than the tow rating because you might decide to upgrade your camper by adding more amenities like a bigger bed or extra storage cubbies which could all add up to the overall trailer weight.  Plus, you will need to factor in the number of passengers that will be inside at a time. Better conserve some weight so that you won’t have towing problems in the long run.

You will find that the more your items are collapsible, the better they are for your trailer

Just because we said that a pop-up trailer can house many of your favorite appliances doesn’t mean that they’re designed for use in a pop-up trailer tent.  Read: collapsible.  Yes, your amenities should have that capability aside from having a small size.  We’re talking about folding chairs, folding tables, storable fridge, murphy bed of sorts, underneath storage, reversible cushions, among many other items.  These make your entire trailer to stay true to its collapsible feature. You will also need to consider a multi-purpose function of the features found inside your camper such as your sofa transforming into a bunk bed during the night.  This reality contributes to a whole new experience of tent trailer Rving.  Again, you have limited space, so you have to pick your non-negotiables wisely and decide to leave some items at your house. It’s called compromise.

You can buy a preloved tent trailer and it’s ok to do so

Depending on where you are at in terms of budget, buying a used pop-up trailer is not so much a bad idea.  You get to enjoy the RV lifestyle without breaking the bank when buying the more expensive and bulky travel trailers.  That is not to say that a used tent trailer is ultra-cheap because you will still shell out hundreds if not several thousand dollars based on the overall resale value.   You will still save a good amount of money that way instead of buying a brand-new tent trailer.  Check out National Automobile Dealers Association or NADA guides website so you can have an idea of what the current selling prices are for used trailer models.  If you decide to proceed with buying, you can always do it directly on the NADA site.

You must take your time to decide if a pop-up trailer is really for you

You’ve been back and forth with checking all the information about different manufacturers, competitive pricing and customer feedback which you can find on the internet.  Despite that, you still haven’t found “the one” if not, you still seem not ready to take the plunge yet.  You may think the prices are too rich for your blood or you’re simply having second thoughts. “Should I give up?”, you ask yourself.   I say, don’t. And sleep on it. It may take a while for you to decide.  One thing is, don’t force yourself just because you want to keep up with RV friends or prefer a brand for its cheap price alone.  Just like with any major purchase, avoid emotional buying because you just might regret it later on.  Don’t worry, one day you will be able to discern your choice.

You can get ripped off when you buy a used pop-up trailer if you’re not careful

Aside from the NADA site, you can get amazing deals for used anything when you transact online thru Facebook, Craiglist, or by reading different RV blogs and forums so you get first dibs on used trailer listings.  However, you should be more discerning so that you don’t get catfished by a “photogenic” if not photoshopped pop-up trailer thinking it is in excellent shape but is in damaged condition in reality. Nowadays, you can just use the right filter and something that is ordinary can turn into extraordinary with just a click of a button.  Word of caution: Do not buy unless you have seen the vehicle in person.

You should brace yourself for potential repairs after buying a used pop-up trailer

You have to manage your expectations.  After all, you are buying a used pop-up tent trailer.  Unless you are lucky that the used trailer is in mint condition, there will be minor repairs at the very least.  That should not prevent you from going ahead with the purchase.  Some sellers will be upfront on the existing issues of the trailer they are selling. It could need patch-up work on the awning or a fix on a couple of dents on the metal panels which bother you or glue the small tears on the edges.  These quick remedies won’t cost you a lot, some of which you can do by yourself.

If it’s calling for a major repair, then you will have to think twice.  You may have gotten a bargain with the low selling price but the repairs may cost you a lot more than it would have been better than you bought a brand new unit instead.  Beware of seemingly cosmetic issues such as cracked roofing, rotted wood, softened floors as these will affect the integrity of your vehicle.  These are major!

There are instances when you are dealing with a scam artist who sales-talks you into buying his trailer only to find out that you are actually getting a raw deal.  That’s because he or she hid important information from you such as bent frames, not functioning lifter system, heavily damaged tent canvas, etc.  Once again, you must not rely on photos which may not be photoshopped and all but was taken at favorable angles that do not show the problems.  Do your inspection or bring someone not related to the seller to help you with it.  You may just dodge a huge bullet if everything is made known to you as clear as daylight.

You are in for an adventure of your life with the pop-up, woohoo!

When you decide to buy your own trailer, brace yourself for more excitement and fun.
While the road may have been difficult along the way (pun intended) – what with all the things you had to consider in buying one and maintaining it, you will surely enjoy more experiences that have yet to come.  You will start building unforgettable memories with the long road trips, camping stories, bonding with family and friends, surviving the worst weather. These all account to an authentic pop-up trailer lifestyle.


My final 2 cents would be that a pop-up tent trailer is an essential tool for you to have more appreciation for the outdoors or Mother nature together with your loved ones, may they be your family or friends or even both.  As they say, stop and smell the flowers.  We can get caught up with the daily grind that we fail to truly live our lives to the fullest.  With a tent trailer handy, you can escape the hustle and bustle of your everyday existence to experience more of what this planet can offer.  And more often, it is there for you- free of charge. Safe travels!

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The Best 5th Wheel for Full Time Living

If you’re considering taking to the roads full time with a fifth-wheel trailer, we know that it takes a lot of careful planning and it can be a thrilling yet daunting experience. It’s not uncommon amongst full-timers to feel like it’s impossible to make the right decision, either leading to incorrect purchases or buyers regret.  When my wife and I took the plunge, we ended up replacing our original fifth wheel after a year of use.  Our second purchase met our needs much better and it was worth the small financial hit we took to get something we really wanted.

Even now many years later, we love looking around RV dealerships.  I’m personally of the opinion that the gross vehicle weight rating, unloaded vehicle weight, and the cargo carrying capacity is the three most important specs for any RV.  What your vehicle of choice can safely tow has a huge impact on the size of trailer you can have as well as how much of your gear and possessions you can take with you on your adventure.

Most full-time travelers will want to ensure they have at least the following:

  • Summer and winter appropriate clothing
  • Shoes, boots and summer footwear
  • Jackets, hats, scarves, and gloves
  • Plenty of bedding and blankets
  • Household appliances
  • Pans, pots, and dishes
  • Tinned, dried and fresh food
  • Spare parts, a range of tools and cleaning materials
  • Toiletries, soaps, shampoos and related items
  • Barbecue equipment
  • Recreational items such as bikes, hiking gear etc
  • A generator as well as fuel

The weight of all of these items quickly mounts up and it doesn’t take into account the numerous optional items that you might want to consider taking such as washer/dryers, spare batteries, solar-powered chargers or gear.  Not to mention the LP-Gas and spare cylinders and water holding tanks.

If you’re staying at a fully equipped RV campsite, then you can probably hook into the mains water supply. However, it’s always a good idea to keep your freshwater tanks topped up and the wastewater tanks empty.  If you end up staying at a dry camp, then you’re all set to stay there for a few days without any additional planning.

Even though our 36-foot camper has what seems like a ton of storage capacity (3,500 pounds), it’s extremely to max this out once the water tanks are full.  That’s even with half-empty shelves and very little in the way of excessive gear.  We’d love to have an extra 1,000 pounds to play with.

Given all the factors details above, we’re now planning to upgrade our fifth wheel trailer again.  We’ve carried out a ton of research, looked at dozens of RVs in person and we know from experience exactly what we’re looking for in a fifth wheel trailer.  Our requirements might not be the same as yours, but we’ve tried to cover all the bases and we’re confident that there’s something in our list of the best 5th wheel trailers for full time living to suit everyone.

The Best Fifth Wheels for Full-Time Living:

Coachmen Chaparral Fifth Wheel

The Coachmen Chaparral Fifth Wheel offers unparalleled flexibility when it comes to the layout of your RV.  With an impressive array of 11 floor plans to choose from, there’s little doubt in our mind that you’ll be able to find a plan to meet your needs.

If your truck has a limited towing capacity and you need to keep the weight to a minimum, then the Chaparral 298RLS is a great option.  It maxes out an impressive 9,575 pounds dry weight, which is decent given the dimensions and the room offered by the RV.

If you can afford to tow something a bit heavier and you need a ton of room to accommodate all your friend and family, then the Chaparral 371MBRB will meet those requirements.  Spanning a massive 41 feet and managing to comfortably sleep 11 people, the Chaparral 371MBRB is big enough for most people.

In-between those two extremes there are loads of other floor plan options, so as we’ve already said, the Coachmen Chaparral Fifth Wheel range is flexible.

To ensure it feels like a home away from home when you’re on the road full time, Coachman has added lots of features and storage options.  For example, a state of the art HD entertainment system, motion activated lighting, numerous USB charging points, a massive refrigerator, a high powered large microwave, a fast heating oven as well as a ducted furnace.  If all of this is not enough for you, there are more than a few optional luxury upgrades that will make sure your RV rivals that of many apartments.

Key Features:

  • 11 distinct floor plans to choose from
  • A rear-mounted camera for increased visibility
  • Sliding fascia crafted from solid hardwood
  • Attractive cabinets made from solid lumber
  • Ample storage capacity including under bed storage
  • Heat-retaining dual pane windows

Jayco North Point Fifth Wheel

We’ve long been a fan of Jayco RVs, and the Jayco North Point Fifth Wheel is no exception.  The North Point series does an excellent job of meeting the requirements of full-time travelers due to their increased dimensions and ample storage and accommodation. Typically, the trailers will range between 12,000 and 14,000 pounds dry weight.

As with most Jayco RVs, you can expect a seriously well made, sturdy and reliable trailer which should see you through all weather and road conditions.  Depending on the floor plan, you can expect to comfortably sleep between 4 and 9 adults.  Trailers range from 38 feet all the way up to 43 feet, which is the North Point 315RLTS and North Point 387RDFS respectively.

Due to the insulated design, impressive furnace and more than capable AC unit, you’ll find this RV is at home in the sunny south as well as the colder North.  Whatever the outside temperature is doing, you can be assured that the interior will be kept at a comfortable level.

Once you’ve set up your camp spot, you can keep yourself or any guests entertained with the addition of outdoor speakers, a fully equipped outdoor kitchen, awning to provide shelter and optionally an outdoor barbecue and grill.

We’re confident that you’ll be more than happy with your purchase if you decide to go with a Jayco North Point.  Not only is it a solidly built RV, but it excels at keeping you comfortable, relaxed and entertained. It’s a great option for anyone looking for the best 5th wheel for a full-time living.

Key Features:

  • 9 distinct and capable floor plans to choose from
  • Stable and easily deployed front landing gear
  • Weather resistant high-grade external speakers
  • Well-equipped dining area with standalone table and chairs
  • Roomy and sturdy glass surround shower

Heartland Sundance Fifth Wheel

If you’re in the market for a lightweight yet spacious fifth wheel trailer which is well suited for couples or solo travelers, then the Heartland Sundance 269TS might just be the RV for you.  This trailer weighs in at a diminutive 8,307 pounds and measures in at just over 30 feet in length, making it ideally suited for couples looking to hit the road full time.  However, if you have your heart set on something a bit bigger, then there are floorplans such as the Sundance 3710MB or Sundance 3700RLB that offer more room and can quite easily sleep a large family.

If you appreciate your modern home comforts and require comfortable surroundings, then the Sundance delivers that in spades.  Every floor plan offers a minimum of 3 slideouts, which directly translates into tons of space to store your gear and supplies.  In addition, the Heartland range comes with slam latch doors, powerful and capable air conditioning and a refrigerator which can rival many domestic models. If you so choose many of these fittings can be upgraded, such as 15,000 BTU furnace/air con unit as well as n upgraded fridge freezer option.

Given the range of options, the size, and durability, as well as the proven track record, the Heartland Sundance Fifth Wheel trailers are an amazing option looking to RV on a full-time basis.

Key Features:

  • 11 impressive and distinct floor plans to choose from
  • Low power LED lighting
  • Comfortable tri-fold sofa bed
  • Rear mounted reversing camera
  • Powerful ducted Air conditioning
  • Sturdy fiberglass design

Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheel

The Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheel offers many of the benefits, design features and build qualities of the other trailers on our list, however, it’s often much cheaper.  The MSRP price of Jayco’s is often comparable to most other trailer manufacturers, the big difference is that it’s often possible to secure substantial discounts or free upgrades during the bargaining process.  If you’re looking for a fifth wheel trailer for full-time living, and budget is a concern, then you need to take a close look at the Jayco Eagle.

Jayco Eagle’s are available in a range of floor plans, for example, measuring in at 35 feet and topping out at 10,310 pounds is the Eagle 293RKDS.  Or if you need additional room, look at the Eagle 347BHOK, which measures 40 feet and weighs 12,300 pounds.  Both are sturdily built and offer more than a few luxury fittings.

In terms of fittings and features, the Eagle fits in a ton of great equipment.  The near silent 15,000 BTU AC unit will keep you comfortable no matter the weather, while the powered awning and external LED lighting will make sure you can enjoy the outdoors day and night.  By default, this fifth wheel trailer comes fitted with the luxury package, which amongst others, provides a sound bar, solid maple wood fittings, and insulated frameless windows.  If you really want to take things up a level, then you can choose any number of upgrades and optional upgrades.

The Jayco Eagle is very competitively priced fifth wheel trailer that provides everything you could want for full-time living.

Key Features:

  • 9 versatile floor plans to choose from
  • Powered awning and power efficient LED lighting
  • Insulated frameless windows
  • Weather-resistant high-quality external speakers
  • Intelligent command center which offers real-time tank monitoring

Forest River Wildcat Fifth Wheel

If you have your sights set on something spacious yet incredibly light, then the Forest River Wildcat Fifth Wheel should be at the top of your shopping list.  It beats even the Sundance trailer above in terms of dry weight, maxing out at very small 7,466 pounds, which is impressive given its 31 feet length.  If lightweight is not what you’re looking for, then be assured that there are other floor plans that offer beefier and roomier designs such as the Wildcat 35WB.  At this point, you should be interested in what the wildcat has to offer, but if you need more convincing then you check out its impressive features.

The Wildcat provides some pretty decent kit as standard, ranging from marine rated external speakers, all the way through to flexible seating dinette area.  All of these are present as standard across all floor plans without any need to upgrade.  If you’d like to splash out and get some additional features, then you can pick from a range of optional extras and upgrades.  Including, an additional 13,500 BTU AC unit or a luxury king sized bed with memory foam mattress.

Key Features:

  • Massive range of 23 floor plans to choose from
  • Inbuilt residential style chrome drawers and doors
  • Robust and hard wearing hardwearing slide out fascia
  • Powerful 15,000 BTU air conditioning unit
  • Warming 4,600 BTU fireplace
  • Residential brushed chrome door and drawer hardware
  • Adaptable home entertainment with Bluetooth connectivity

Final Thoughts

When you’re looking to buy your 5th Wheel Trailer for Full-time living, then there a few additional things you should consider.  Many features such as entertainment systems can be added later, or even upgraded if you find your current options lacking.  However, features such as finish and insulation are trickier to upgrade, so it’s worth getting this right the first time around.

Full-body paint is one of the most durable finishes and is easily maintained, while a gel coat finish can look stunning when buffed to a shine.  Fiberglass roofs will last through many years of use, while rubber is more prone to damage from weather and wear and tear.

If your RV is fitted with skylights that don’t open, without shades, or if the trailer is lacking in insulation, then controlling the internal temperature during hot and cold periods can be tricky.

Disc brakes are a must-have feature in our opinion as they offer far superior braking ability, this can make a massive difference in an emergency.  If your manufacturer of choice doesn’t give you the option of disk brakes, then seriously consider them as an aftermarket upgrade from a third party.  It could be the smartest decision you make. You may also wish to upgrade the shocks and tire ratings.  Considering you’ll be spending so much time on the road, these are all sensible options.

Always opt for more towing capacity if you can, it’s better to be under your max tow weight rather than maxing out every time you set off.  But most of all, make sure you’re comfortable and happy with your planned purchase.  Hire one for a week before taking the plunge and get out on the road to try things out in person.

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The Ultimate Guide to RV Classes

When you’re first looking to spread your wings and choose a recreational vehicle to take you on your adventures, it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of RV Travel Classes that are available. This is not a bad thing, it’s better to have a lot of options, rather than be constrained to only a couple.

The key to finding the perfect RV is to understand all your options, to research the pros and cons of each type, and to weigh these findings against your requirements.  You’ll want to consider where you’re likely to travel to, your budget, who you’re traveling with, as well as how you’re planning to get there.  All these considerations should affect what sort of RV suits you best.

In this article, we intend to outline the various types and classes of RVs and motorhomes that can be bought on the market today.  We’ll go beyond just outlining the category types and give our honest opinion on the advantages and disadvantages of each type.  This will help you make a better and more informed decision on the RV or motorhome that will best meet your specific requirements and needs.


We’re massive fans of RV camping, to us, there’s nothing more exciting than heading out onto the open road with an RV.  But, we also realize that not everyone has the same requirements as us.  Part of buying an RV is making sure your choice of vehicle fits within your budget and that it’s a good fit for your style of camping.

Motorhomes offer several distinct advantages over other types of RVs.  Perhaps the biggest selling points of motorhomes are that they are completely self-contained, which means that they are often easier to set up and can allow your kids or other passengers to move around while you’re on the road.  Any parent can testify to the fact that keeping kids cooped up in a seat on a long car trip can be challenging.

Within the Motorhomes umbrella, there are three distinct types available to buy.  To better understand the pros and cons of each type, let’s take a more in-depth look at the three basic classes.

Class A Motorhomes

Class A motorhomes are normally only for the traveler with the deepest pockets or the biggest passion for traveling, as they are the most expensive and largest RVs you’re likely to come across on the roads.
They are often represented by purpose-built models, but it’s also not uncommon to come across converted buses. Most will be powered by diesel engines, in either a pusher or puller configuration, but you may on occasions come across gasoline varieties.  Even though these motorhomes can get up to 45 feet in length, you’re not going to require a specialist CDL license to operate one.

As these motorhomes boast the largest interior spaces, you can expect many of them to include numerous features not found on other classes.  Some models even come equipped with sections that can slide out and expand the available living space, it’s also not uncommon to come across models that offer a separate master bedroom.

The luxury features on these models commonly include laundry machines and dryers full sizes baths and showers, ice makers and bars, as well as ta op of the line home entertainment systems.  As a bonus, you’ll also find that storage for extra gear and the food is enormous, which means if the mood takes, you could stay on the road for months if not years at a time.

These motorhomes are of course fantastic options if you’re looking to get away for a while, or even a short break, but they often aren’t cheap and the sheer size of them can be intimidating.  If you come across a narrow road, or you need to navigate winding twisting roads, a large motorhome might not be up to the task.  Additionally, you might be limited to the campsites you’re allowed to use with your camper.

If you need to run a quick errand while you’re camping, it can mean packing up your whole camp before you can head off.  Some campers overcome this issue by allowing an additional small vehicle to be towed for day to day travel requirements.

As well as the initial expense of the RV, the ongoing cost of running of maintenance, repairs, fuel, and insurance means that this type of motorhome is one of the most expensive types around.


  • Massive interior space
  • A ton of room for storing gear and cargo
  • A huge array of luxury options and amenities


  • Difficult to drive if not experienced
  • Day to day travel can be difficult without an additional vehicle
  • Very expensive to run and purchase

These models are often too expensive and impractical for the average buyer, however, they are excellent choices looking to travel long term.  Many retirees or people that are looking to travel on the road full time are increasingly looking at Class A Motorhomes as a solution to their requirements.

Class B Motorhomes

Class B Motorhomes are commonly referred to as camper vans.  This category includes many shapes and sizes of motorhome, mostly on the smaller side and often include vehicles that barely qualify to be called a motorhome.  They are often built upon an existing van chassis with the added benefit of a raised roof to facilitate walking upright when you’re inside.  As with the Class A motorhomes, you’ll find that the engines come in diesel and gasoline varieties, but diesel is without a doubt the most popular type.

The beauty of these smaller RVs is that they provide a comfortable area to sleep and all the essentials for a trip, but they are also incredibly maneuverable and easy to drive.  Their small size means they’re perfectly well suited to last minute excursions and you can use them for day to day driving.

If you’re a solo traveler or if you’re traveling as a couple, then there should be ample room for everyone.  If there’s more than two of you then you’re probably better off looking for a larger type.  Having said that, most of these Class B motorhomes are completely self-contained, so you can enjoy the benefits of a toilet, fridge, sink, heater, air conditioning, and toilet.  Many still cost quite a bit to purchase, but the continued upkeep and running costs are normally far less than any other Motorhome type.

The obvious disadvantage of these types of motorhomes is that the internal space is often limited.  If you’re planning on traveling with more than two people, then things might be a bit cramped and possibly uncomfortable.  You’ll also find that the appliances provided are on the smaller side, which might make meal preparation more challenging.  If you’re looking for luxury appointments, full-sized widescreen entertainment systems or washing machines and dryers, then you’re going to have look elsewhere, there simply isn’t room for these items.  The capacity to carry cargo and supplies will also be limited, so you’ll need to factor that into your travel plans.


  • Maneuvering and driving is easy
  • Setting up for camping is dead easy
  • Running costs and fuel are minimal
  • Very easy to break camp and drive out for errands and excursions


  • Barebones amenities
  • Limited internal living area
  • Restricted cargo and storage space
  • Best suited for under two travelers

If you’re traveling by yourself or as a couple, then Class B Motorhomes offer fantastic value for money, convenience, and ease of use.  The last minute gets up and goes nature of these vehicles means they are great for anyone that likes to travel on the spur of the moment or if they only have limited travel time.

Class C Motorhomes

The Class C Motorhome is midsized RV that will commonly range between 20 and 33 feet.  Most types are designed around existing van and truck chassis, and they are particularly well suited for small groups or families that are looking to have a vacation on a limited budget.  One of the big selling points of these RVs is that they offer many of benefits of a Class A motorhome but at a fraction of the cost of their larger cousins.

This class of RV offers a nice balance between Class B and Class A, offering substantially more living space than Class B homes while also offering many of the luxury appointments available in class A. It’s not unusual to be able to find shower and toilet facilities, a kitchen with many of the features you’d need, as well as ample room for socializing and sleeping.  You might even find some models that boast a master bedroom located at the rear of the RV, however, this is usually at the expense of maneuverability.

Often couches and eating areas can convert into comfortable beds in the evening, which serves to maximize the space available during the daytime. You’ll unlikely to struggle for space with plenty of overhead storage areas as well as huge amount of space above the driver’s cab for storing all the gear you might need.

It should be noted that some of the larger Class C motorhomes can be equally as challenging to drive as Class A, but maneuvering in areas with limited space is often less of a concern.  Drivers will often tow an additional vehicle which can be used for day trips and excursions.  In terms of running costs, Class C is often cheaper in terms of fuel, maintenance, and insurance when compared to Class A, however, Class B is still much cheaper in comparison.


  • Roomy enough to comfortably accommodate a family
  • Tons of sleeping areas and storage spaces
  • All of the essential amenities are taken care of
  • Not as expensive to run or buy as a Class A motorhome


  • Not as cheap to buy and maintain as a Class B motorhome
  • Driving can still cause issues
  • Some of the more luxurious amenities might not be available
  • Challenging to take out on day trips unless you’ve towed a separate car

We think the class C motorhomes are fantastic options for those with a family but can’t stretch to the expense of class A.  They tick all of the boxes for most people that are looking to buy an RV, so it’s unlikely you’ll be left wanting more.

Towable RVs

RVs are not just restricted to motorhomes, so it’s important to consider all the available options and balance your personal requirements with the features and costs of the RVs available to you.  A towable RV is an extremely popular option now, and for good reason, they offer many advantages over motorhomes.  Not only are they less expensive than a motorhome, but they are often more convenient, more reliable and allow you to move freely around once you’ve reached your destination due to the detachable design.

If you’re serious about finding the best RV to meet your needs and budget, then you need to consider all of the options available on market before committing to a purchase.

Travel Trailers

Travel trailers offer exceptionally large living spaces with all the mod cons you might expect from a modern apartment, they are essentially portable containers specifically designed for living in.  Most are built upon a trailer frame with some additional modifications made to facilitate camping.  Trailers can be anything from barebone models, with nothing but the essentials, all the way up to luxury offerings with every piece of technology you can think off.  Some models will contain their own water supplies, refrigerators, kitchens, and bathrooms.

As you can probably imagine, due to the sheer number and variety of amenities on offer, sizes between travel trailers can vary a great deal. Some models even provide an expandable section that further increase the available living space to the occupants.

One of the biggest advantages offered by travel trailers is the sheer number of towing vehicles that can be used, the only limiting factor is the towing weight of the vehicle.  Trailers are attached with a standard ball hitch, and can, therefore, be pulled by vans, SUVs, trucks or even cars, as long as they are rated to handle the tow weight.  You’ll not need to purchase a secondary vehicle to meet any of your towing requirements as there will undoubtedly be a travel trailer that can be pulled by your vehicle.

If you already have experience with a trailer, you’ll probably be aware that they can be a little bit tricky to maneuver.  This is especially true if you find yourself in a situation where you need to reverse into a spot.  Some of the larger travel trailers can experience tail swing when driving, which is something you’ll always need to be aware of and understand how to tackle.  Once you’ve set up camp, you’ll need to make sure the trailer has been set up and adjusted to ensure the living area remains level.


  • A huge array of towing vehicles can be used
  • Less expensive to buy and maintain compared to a motorhome
  • Towing vehicles can additionally be used for day trips and errands


  • Tricky to maneuver at times
  • Tail swings are a constant concern
  • Reversing with a trailer is very difficult

Travel trailers are great options for many families or those looking to travel full time, they offer a lot of space and amenities for the money spent.

5th Wheel Trailers

There are many similarities between traditional travel trailers and 5th wheel trailers with one major difference.  The largest differentiator is how they connect to the towing vehicle.  They use a gooseneck connector to attach to the towing vehicle, which offers several advantages as well as some disadvantages.

Towing a 5th wheel trailer is somewhat simpler due to the design of the connector.  The gooseneck design means that the connector extends over the rear end of the towing truck which in turn connects to an overhand on the trailer.  In practical terms, this means that the truck can exert more control over the trailer, which makes maneuvering easier. Additionally, the unique design offered by the overhanging connected means that a 5th wheel trailer offers additional internal space compared to a regular travel trailer.  From an engineering standpoint, the gooseneck design is stronger and easier to work with.

Unfortunately, the types of vehicles that can be used to tow this sort of trailer are limited.  You must use a truck with either a flat or open bed.  This vehicle limitation can be problematic for families or for anyone that requires additional passenger space.  Bear in mind that it is illegal for anyone to ride in a trailer as its being towed, which means passengers might have to be cramped up into the cab of the truck.  This is, of course, less than ideal for long-haul journeys.  Additionally, when it comes to day to day exploring or running errands, a truck is often less comfortable than an SUV or van.


  • Stronger and easier to work with gooseneck connector
  • The overhang design offers additional storage and living space
  • The trailers can offer plenty of modern conveniences and gadgets


  • The vehicles available to tow this sort of vehicle is extremely limited
  • Passengers may become uncomfortable during longer trips

5th wheel trailers are excellent options for travelers that are looking for a reliable and flexible RV at a reasonable cost.

Folding Pop-Up Tent Trailers

Folding camping pop-up trailers are fantastic for choices for anyone looking for an RV that takes up a small amount of space.  The defining feature is the collapsible design which means their external dimensions once collapsed makes them especially easy to store.  Most are designed to utilize either rigid composite walls or are made from durable canvas stretched across a rigid frame.

We think these trailers are great for the occasional and last minute camping trip.  The reduced footprint means that driving with them and maneuvering is relatively straightforward, at least compared to other RV choices.  Additionally, as they are lightweight, the range and types of vehicles that can be used for towing is substantially more than other trailer types.  From small trucks and station wagons to SUVs and sedans, if they are fitted with a ball hitch and they have the towing capacity to do so, then they can be used to tow a pop-up tent trailer.  Most pop-up trailers will at least offer the bare essentials, making them a step up from traditional camping in a tent.

Due to the compact nature of the folding trailer tent, the ability to store additional gear or supplies is often limited.  Some trailers offer the ability to lash or tie equipment to the top of the trailer, but this is not guaranteed.  As with anything that moves, the canvas and the joints themselves are vulnerable to wear and tear, and as such can develop leaks over time.  Tent style of camping will also expose campers to the elements more so than almost any other RV type on this list, so it’s possible its something you’d only want to do in the summer or spring months.  Features such as toilets, showers, and kitchens might be completely absent, so make sure you know what you’re getting yourself in for.


  • Small exterior dimensions make it easy to tow and maneuver
  • Towing can be accomplished by a large array of vehicle types
  • Cheap to purchase and maintain


  • Internal dimensions are limited
  • Very small amounts of cargo space
  • Folding sections are prone to wear and tear
  • Occupants are more exposed to the elements

Pop-up travel trailers are fantastic options for those looking for an inexpensive RV or are just getting started with the hobby.

Sport Utility RV Trailers / Toy Hauler

These multipurpose trailers provide the comfort of an RV travel trailer with the functionality of the sports utility trailer.  If you like you to take your ATV, snowmobile or dirt bike with you on your camping adventures, then this trailer is the obvious choice.  Most of these trailers will feature a compartment at the rear of the vehicle that is specifically designed for storing sporting vehicles, the rear door will also often double as a loading ramp.  The rest of the RV will be used for living space much the same way as a regular camper.

It’s obvious why outdoor enthusiasts that enjoy motorsports would prefer to use these types of RVs.  Not only do they offer many of the luxury and comfort features offered by a traditional travel trailer, but they also offer they offer the camper the ability to take their garage with them.  If you’re into motorsports as well as camping, then choosing one of these sports RVs is a no-brainer.

These trailers do have a couple of disadvantages, the biggest is perhaps the reduced size of the living quarters.  So, while the trailer might be the same size if not bigger than many travel trailers, only a limited portion of that is dedicated to the comfort the camper, with the rest being afforded to the vehicles.  Additionally, if you’re sensitive to smells and odors, then being in such close proximity to vehicles, oils or fuel can be an unpleasant experience for many.


  • Great for those that like to take their toys with them camping
  • Offers many of the same luxury features as any other travel trailer


  • Sleeping in close proximity to vehicles and the associated paraphilia can be unpleasant
  • The liveable footprint is reduced compared to a regular travel trailer

Sports utility RV trailers offer a great compromise between living space and storage space for anyone that loves motorsports.  They provide more than enough amenities to suit even the most stubborn camper ensuring you’ll remain comfortable and well rested.

Final Thoughts

So, which sort of RV best meets your requirements.  Towable RVs and Motorhomes come in a huge array of sizes, classes, shapes, and styles, with each type offering distinct advantages and disadvantages.  At the end of the day, it’s up to you, the buyer, to decide on which type of RV is the best choice and the one that’ll be with you on your next adventure.

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Six Amazing Lightweight Travel Trailers Under 3,000 Pounds


Searching for a lightweight travel trailer is no easy task. There are literally hundreds of models to choose from, many of which come in at well under 3,000 pounds. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the sheer amount of travel trailers to choose from and you probably want to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

The demand and market for travel trailers remain strong, which is good news for the consumer, meaning there’s intense competition between manufacturers for your hard earned money. Our intention with this article is to offer an unbiased and informed list of what we think are the most outstanding lightweight travel trailers available on the market today. We’ve meticulously trolled through hundreds of user ratings, so-called “expert” opinions, feature lists and used our own first-hand experience to bring you our recommended considerations. For full disclosure, we haven’t personally tried every travel trailer ever made, so if you think that we’ve overlooked an important model, let us know by dropping us an email.

We wanted to make sure that every single one of our recommended RVs could be pulled with an average pickup or SUV. If you’ve been deterred from experiencing the joy and adventures you can have with an RV due to limited towing capacity, then this list is for you. Nothing beats the convenience, comfort, and freedom that comes with camping with an RV, it’s a fantastic way of getting yourself and your family out of the house and into everything that nature can offer. We feel that our list of the best travel lightweight travel trailers that weigh less than 3,000 lbs has something for every buyer with limited space or towing capacity. So, without further ado, let’s get stuck into our favorite picks.

The Top 6 Lightweight Travel Trailers

2018 Forest River R-pod 182G With R-Dome

To kick off our list we have the River R-Pod Travel Trailer. Even though the trailer itself is not the largest on our list, it’s highly durable fiberglass and powder coated steel frame ensure it’s no pushover either. This innate durability is reflected in its capabilities and design, with some floor plans featuring bunk beds which maximizes the sleeping capacity to 4 adults. There are an impressive amount of floor plans available, with nine to choose from, there’s bound to be something that meets your requirements, all of which come in well under the 3,000 lb threshold.

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In addition to its clever use of space, the travel trailer boasts a host of other features which make it an even more enticing purchase. For example, a furnace that’s capable of pumping out 20,000 BTU of heat, ports powered by solar energy, cleverly hidden dinette table as well as a host of other features. It’s, therefore, no surprise that the Forest River 182 G has made it onto our list of the best lightweight travel trailers that are under 3,000 lbs. If it’s something you’re considering, then check out the specs below.

Key Features:

  • Length: 20 ft. (240 in.)
  • Width: 8 ft. (96 in.)
  • Height: 9.58 ft. (115 in.)
  • Interior Height: 6.5 ft. (78 in.)
  • Dry Weight 2,836 lbs.
  • Payload Capacity 1,049 lbs.
  • Hitch Weight 385 lbs.
Holding Tanks
  • Total Fresh Water Tank Capacity 36 gal.
  • Total Gray Water Tank Capacity 30 gal.
  • Total Black Water Tank Capacity 30 gal.

2018 Dutchmen Coleman Lantern LT Series

The Dutchmen RV Coleman Lantern LT Series Travel Trailer is a seriously impressive piece of kit that has managed something quite remarkable, offering competitive amounts of versatility and space at a fraction of the weight of its larger cousins. The Coleman is available with one of four floor plans, with each option having a unique layout and feel, we’re confident that you’ll not struggle to find a plan that meets your specific requirements. Whether you need to accommodate your family members, your friends, or would just like the extra room to store all your fishing gear, walking equipment or anything else, there’s a floor plan that’ll allow you to do that.

In addition to the above, the Coleman has a range of optional extras such as CSA seal and uplift that may improve your comfort levels. You can also choose to add a furnace rated for 18,000 BTU, power adapters, an internal entertainment system, a microwave oven as well as tinted all rounds safety glass. Considering all of these standout features, then it’s no surprise that the Dutchmen RV Coleman Lantern LT travel trailer is one of our recommend choices when it comes to choosing a lightweight travel trailer under 3,000 pounds.

Key Features:

  • Length 21.42 ft. (257 in.)
  • Width 8 ft. (96 in.)
  • Height 8.67 ft. (104 in.)
  • Dry Weight 3,205 lbs.
  • Payload Capacity 645 lbs.
  • Hitch Weight 453 lbs.
Holding Tanks
  • Total Fresh Water Tank Capacity 27 gal.
  • Total Gray Water Tank Capacity 28 gal.
  • Total Black Water Tank Capacity 28 gal.

Aliner Ascape Travel Trailer And Floorplan

The Aliner Camper Series is a standout option for anyone looking to upgrade their camping style, it serves as an upmarket alternative to traditional tent camping and is looking to make their life somewhat easier. The travel trailer comes in either 12’ or 10’ boxes, equating to a trailer which measures in at 13 or 15 feet in length. One of the biggest selling features of this trailer is its incredible lightness, you’ll be looking at a maximum unloaded weight of 1,670 pounds. Even though the Aliner manages to keep its weight to a minimum, the design is rugged and functional, it can easily become your home away from home when you’re on an adventure or extended trip. It’s definitely a recommended trailer in our book.

Key Features:

  • Length 13 ft. (156 in.)
  • Length (closed) 13 ft. (156 in.)
  • Length (closed) 13 ft. (156 in.)
  • Length (closed) (mm) 3962.4
  • Length (closed) (m)4
  • Width 6.08 ft. (73 in.)
  • Height 8.33 ft. (100 in.)
  • Interior Height 6.33 ft. (76 in.)
  • Dry Weight 1,575 lbs.
  • Payload Capacity 925 lbs.
  • Hitch Weight 220 lbs.
Holding Tanks
  • Total Fresh Water Tank Capacity 11 gal.
  • Total Gray Water Tank Capacity 13 gal.

2018 Airstream Sport 16RB

The Airstream Sport Travel Trailers are a line of trailers that pop up again and again in recommendations or top 10 lists, and for good reason. They are well made, robust, good looking and will last a lifetime of use. The Sport line up has been around for a good number of years now, but remains incredibly popular, even to this day. Our biggest complaint with these travel trailers is the slightly higher than the normal price tag, but we’re off the opinion that with Airstream, you definitely get what you pay for and they’re worth every penny. Sports models offer excellent amenities, fantastic construction that you know you can trust and interior and exterior décor and aesthetics that look fantastic and will endure.

All of this put together produces a travel trailer that you can confidentially take with you anywhere safe in the knowledge that it will provide luxury accommodation on your adventures. The Airstream sports line is available with two floor plans that come in under our 3,000-pound mark. In addition to its low weight, the Sport 16 and the Sport 16RB offer accommodation for up to for peoples, a high definition LED TV, mini blinds and one piece of vinyl flooring.

The luxury accommodation and lightweight design are not the only benefits offered by the RV. Airstream has worked hard to ensure the accommodation is safe as well as comfortable with the addition of several fantastic features. Not only do the trailers come fitted with the standard fire extinguishers and smoke detectors, but they also come fitted with an LP and carbon monoxide alarm, ensuring you can rest easy knowing that the environment is safe for your family and yourself. It’s due to a combination of all these reasons that this lightweight travel trailer has made it onto our recommended list. It might cost a little bit more than most, but these models offer great value for money.

Key Features:

  • Length 16.33 ft. (196 in.)
  • Width 8 ft. (96 in.)
  • Height 9.25 ft. (111 in.)
  • Interior Height 6.38 ft. (76.5 in.)
  • Dry Weight 2,860 lbs.
  • Payload Capacity 640 lbs.
  • GVWR 3,500 lbs.
  • Hitch Weight 378 lbs.
Holding Tanks
  • Total Fresh Water Tank Capacity 23 gal.
  • Total Black Water Tank Capacity 21 gal.

2018 Jayco Hummingbird 17FD Interior

The beauty of the Jayco Hummingbird travel trailers is that they offer incredibly lightweight travel trailers that are capable of being pulled by nearly any truck, SUV or car. Overall the trailers have a smaller footprint than most, all floor plans are under 20 feet in length, so they are the obvious choice if your storage options are limited.

Despite their diminutive size, these lightweight campers provide everything you could ever want in an RV. On the outside, these RVs boast several luxury features such as blackened safety class throughout and reinforced aluminum fenders. As you make your way inside, you’ll be met with several indulgent features such as plush cushions, low power high output LED lighting and a U shaped dinette area for comfortable and spacious seating and dining. Additionally, options such as air conditioning and HD LED TV only serves to increase the value of these lightweight travel trailers. Despite the limited size, at no time does this lightweight travel trailer feeling cramped, cheaply made or claustrophobic, which is why we rate it so highly on our list of recommendations.

Key Features:

  • Length 19.75 ft. (237 in.)
  • Width 6.42 ft. (77 in.)
  • Height 9.08 ft. (109 in.)
  • Interior Height 6.5 ft. (78 in.)
  • Ground Clearance 0.42 ft. (5 in.)
  • Ground Clearance (mm)127
  • Dry Weight 2,715 lbs.
  • Payload Capacity 1,035 lbs.
  • GVWR 3,750 lbs.
  • Hitch Weight 290 lbs.
Holding Tanks
  • Total Fresh Water Tank Capacity 26 gal.
  • Total Gray Water Tank Capacity 26 gal.
  • Total Black Water Tank Capacity 26 gal.

2018 KZ Spree Escape Bathroom

The KZ Spree Escape lightweight travel trailer is the last entry in our recommendations list. The RV features several floor plans, the lightest and smallest of which comes in at just 2,200 pounds, while the heaviest tops out at 2,900 pounds. The RV is particularly well suited for families that like a unique layout that meets their specific requirements. We’re big fans of this trailer, we especially like the Escape E191BH and the Escape 14RB floor plans, so, feel free to check them out for yourself.

If you’re worried that you’ll be left without certain features or that you’re going to be uncomfortable if you decide to buy a KZ Spree as your lightweight travel trailer option, then don’t worry. The KZ Spree Escape has everything you might need, including a bathroom, 12 v charging ports, a 12 year guaranteed aluminum roof and attractive recessed interior lighting. If that’s not enough, you’ll also have access to a 16,000 BTU heater which will make sure that every trip, even if it’s in the dead of winter will remain cozy and comfortable. It’s for these reasons that the KZ Spree Escape has made it onto our list of the best lightweight travel trailers under 3,000 pounds.

Key Features:

  • Length 20.75 ft. (249 in.)
  • Width 7 ft. (84 in.)
  • Height 8.33 ft. (100 in.)
  • Interior Height 6.25 ft. (75 in.)
  • Dry Weight 2,694 lbs.
  • Payload Capacity 806 lbs.
  • GVWR 3,500 lbs.
  • Hitch Weight 325 lbs
Holding Tanks
  • Total Fresh Water Tank Capacity 20 gal.
  • Total Gray Water Tank Capacity 15 gal.
  • Total Black Water Tank Capacity 9 gal.

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Top 5 Ultra-Lightweight Travel Trailers Under 2,000 Pounds

When we’re looking to buy a travel trailer, there are several factors that everyone considers, how important each point is to you largely depends on your requirements. Price is probably at the top of the list for most people, closely followed by weight and dimensions. The latter two are especially important if our vehicle of choice has a limited towing capacity, or if we’re trying to pull the trailer through locations that have height or width restrictions. If you’d like to avoid towing as much weight as possible, then you should consider one of the ultra-lightweight travel trailers on our list, all of which keep the tow weight under the 2,000-pound mark.

There are scores of travel trailers out there, and there are dozens of brands and most of them make trailers of varying weights and sizes, as well as a range of specs and floor plans. The sheer diversity of travel trailers can make shopping for one a daunting exercise, even more so if this is the first time you’re venturing into the world of travel trailers. You are perhaps aware that travel trailers can easily weigh anywhere from under 2,000 pounds to well over 5,000 pounds. In fact, luxury travel trailers can weigh substantially more than 9,000 pounds. As a rule of thumb, the longer and more spacious the travel trailer is, the more they are likely to weigh. The upside of these larger trailers is that they have more capacity and the interiors can border on the luxurious and are often times more akin to well-appointed apartments than they are to a portable travel trailer.

Those looking for ultra-lightweight travel trailers weighing under 2,000 pounds are in luck, as there are a ton of options out there. The biggest challenge is filtering out everything that doesn’t meet your needs and choosing the best out of what’s left. In order to come up with our list of the top five ultra-lightweight travel trailers under 2,000 pounds we have used a range of quality markers, which covers but are not limited to make and durability, design and craftsmanship, reviews of users and experts, the features you get and the options or upgrades you may consider along with the variants that are available for each. Support is also crucial and particularly for those who are buying a travel trailer for the first time. Each point has been scored and rated and compared with the competition, So, without further ado, here are the five best ultra-lightweight travel trailers under 2,000 pounds.

Five Best Ultra-Lightweight Travel Trailers Under 2,000 Pounds

Riverside Retro Travel Trailer

The Riverside Retro Travel Trailer is simple, retro and simply brilliant. It sports a conventional look and is as utilitarian as light travel trailers can be. Do not be mistaken by its obvious simplicity as there are eighteen floor plans for you to choose from. Unfortunately, there are only two of these eighteen floor plans that would meet your prerequisite of unloaded weight under 2,000 pounds. The other sixteen plans will breach that threshold, but not always by a lot. The travel trailers within this series range from approximately 1,900 pounds all the way up to 6,100 pounds. The length ranges from thirteen feet to thirty-two feet. The smallest trailer in this series can accommodate two people. The largest can easily sleep six people in comfort. As we’re looking to keep things as lightweight as possible, we’ll need to keep our eyes on the Retro 155XL and Retro 509 Jr, both of which keep the unloaded weight under 2,000 pounds.

The durable Riverside Retro travel trailers come in bright colors, birch wood furniture, checkered floor, six cubic feet fridge, curtain toppers or mini blinds with birch valance, aluminum cage construction and a solar-powered port rated for fifteen amps. You can choose a single or double axle unit and that would determine whether you get the 16,000 BTU or 20,000 BTU furnace. The expandable trailer has modern amenities. There are USB ports for charging, electric jacks, solar powered prep, roof vents equipped with rain sensors and awning spanning fourteen inches. This is easily one of the most useful travel trailers under 2,000 pounds.

Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro Travel Trailer

The Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro travel trailer is affordable, easy to use and offers enough comfort to keep even the fussiest campers happy. This model is actually lighter than the two Riverside Retro travel trailers that we discussed above, it managed to keep its weight well under the 2,000-pound mark. The Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro trailers come with seven different floor plans. They can accommodate two to four people. The length varies from eleven to twenty-one feet. The unloaded weight ranges from just over 1,100 pounds to around 3,200 pounds. It should be noted that only one of all the models or variants in this series weighs over three thousand pounds unloaded. The other six campers in this series should be easy enough to tow for most vehicles due to their inherent lightness. All floor plans are impressive, not because of the options at your discretion but owing to the clever use of the space which ensures that despite the limited size and weight, you’ll be kept comfortable.

The Flagstaff E-Pro 16BH and Flagstaff E-Pro 17PR designs are the more spacious varieties, making them ideal for families of four. All four family members will be able to sleep comfortably in these two models, with plenty of room to stretch out. The travel trailers are constructed from using an aluminum frame and with walls and roof that are vacuum laminated as well as a fiberglass cap. It’s very uncommon to find other models within this weight class that features a fiberglass and it’s one of the features that make these trailers stand out from the rest. However, you will be required to pay slightly more for these trailers, but the build quality and features are worth the expense.

The exterior is pragmatic and in our opinion aesthetically pleasing. Complementing the exterior is the slick interior, which makes clever use of the footprint with amazing storage spaces, Murphy beds, a Wi-Fi range extender and décor that definitely feels contemporary. If you choose to do so, you can purchase additions too if you choose to enhance your experience. However, you do not have to go for any add-ons or expansions straightaway, instead, you can upgrade and add to your trailer over time or when money becomes available. The seven floor plans aside, the travel trailers are decked up with recessed cooktop and flush mount cover, outside speaker, tinted bonded frameless windows, 20,000 BTU furnace, and nitro filled radial tires.

Palomino PaloMini Travel Trailer

As the wordplay of the brand would have made it obvious, the Palomino PaloMini travel trailer is a smaller and lighter version of its heavier and larger cousin. This is not a standard mini trailer when we talk about the models under two thousand pounds but it is one when you consider the luxury trailers made by Palomino. The Palomino PaloMini travel trailer simplifies camping. It comes with ten different floor plans. The lightest of them all weighs 1,900 pounds, the heaviest weighs 3.800 pounds, these are dry weights or unloaded thresholds. The trailers can accommodate three to six people depending on its size and floor plan, with the length varying from sixteen to twenty-one feet.

The lightest and hence the most relevant PaloMini is sixteen feet long and it can easily accommodate three people to sleep at night. The dry weight is well under 2,000 pounds, which despite its modest weight and dimensions, the features included are remarkable. You can go for a slightly heavier variant if you need sleeping capacity for four people. Even though you are targeting travel trailers under two thousand pounds, your towing vehicle may be capable of pulling one that weighs a few hundred pounds more without breaking a sweat. Do the math and choose accordingly. If you are sure you need a travel trailer which weighs less than 2,000 pounds, then the most relevant options are PaloMini 177BH and the PaloMini 179BHS.

PaloMini travel trailers are sleek and durable. You can easily load bikes as well as well as a toy hauler, depending on the variant you choose. There are some standard features in all the variants, such as a regular fridge, storage space, an air conditioner, cabinets like the ones you have at home, walkable roof and pillow top memory foam mattress. Bunk beds are available in some models depending on the floor plan but all variants have vacuum bonded construction. Keeping things pleasant is the 13,500 BTU air conditioner which is mounted in the roof. There are several options to choose from if you’d like to upgrade some of the features, which can be added on further down the line as the needs arise or once the money to do so becomes available.

Jayco Hummingbird Travel Trailer

The Jayco Hummingbird travel trailer is a little bit more upmarket than most ultra-lightweight travel trailers discussed previously in this article. This travel trailer makes fantastic use of the space, giving it an airy feel without the additional weight you might expect. There are as many as eight distinct floor plans to choose from and the variants have an unloaded weight ranging from a little over 1,500 pounds to just under 3,000 pounds. Two to four people can sleep comfortably depending on the model chosen and floor plan. The length varies between eighteen and nineteen feet. This series is definitely not the lightest but the variants are definitely within a much smaller range of unloaded weight than the options put forth by other brands. You can effectively stay within 3,000 pounds even if you opt for the longest and the most spacious Jayco Hummingbird travel trailer.

Hummingbird 10RK is your default option if you want to keep things strictly under 2,000 pounds. If you have the luxury to be a little flexible then you can go for Hummingbird 16FD, it is still relatively light, coming in under 3,000 pounds, but it packs a ton of features and feels large on the inside. Jayco Hummingbird travel trailers come with a rear camera, exterior speakers that are of marine grade, grill, powered awning with LED lighting which can also be used as a tailgate lighting source.

The interior of this travel trailer is decked up with a cooktop that has a glass cover, this provides extra space on the countertop if you need it. A foldable picnic table is available, allowing you to have alfresco dinners, lunches or breakfasts if the weather is conducive to outdoor dining. The countertops are spacious enough to prepare even the most complicated meals and the built-in furnace means you’ll remain comfortable as you do so. In addition, the G-20 has tinted safety glass windows, outside grill powered by propane and with a quick disconnect port, two gas burners inside and decorative treatments for the windows with pleated nightshades, all of which make Jayco Hummingbird travel trailer an excellent environment that make you want to stay on the road for just another week.

Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro Travel Trailer

The last ultra-lightweight travel trailer in our list is a fitting alternative to the Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro. The Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro travel trailers are a favorite among lightweight campers. There are seven-floor plans. The unloaded weight ranges from just over 1,100 pounds to less than 3,200 pounds. The number of people you can have sleeping comfortably is two to four. The travel trailers are anywhere between eleven feet and twenty feet long. The Geo Pro is in some ways similar to the E-Pro, boasting similar features, but they differ in many key areas such as dimensions.

We really like the Rockwood Geo Pro 12RK which is a great option and comes in under our target weight of 2,000 pounds of dry weight. However, if you can push the weight envelope just a little bit, you can also consider the Rockwood Geo Pro 14FK, which tops out at just smidgen over 2,000 pounds. That little bit of extra weight does provide extra features and room, which might be worth it, as long as your towing vehicle can manage the additional load.

Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro travel trailers are lucky enough to have the company’s proprietary Wi-Fi range extender fitted as standard, ensuring uninterrupted snapchats, instagrams, or whatever else you might be needing wifi for. Additionally, there are outside speakers, a furnace and a plethora of add-ons or expansions available. The six-sided aluminum cage construction makes this one of the sturdier travel trailers among the lighter variants of most manufacturers. There is no air conditioner as a standard feature but you can always go for the upgrade when you buy your trailer, or at a later date when you plan an adventure during the summer months. All Geo Pro travel trailers have tinted bonded frameless windows, vacuum laminated walls and roof, magnetic baggage door catches, nitro filled radial tires and a combo of Coleman stove and grill.

Final Thoughts

Read as much as you can about all these top ultra-lightweight travel trailers weighing under 2,000 pounds. You may want to hear what fellow campers have to say. All the models are from reputed companies and they offer reliable support anywhere in the country. The craftsmanship of these manufacturers is well known and all these trailers are precisely engineered and do exactly what is described within the company literature. There are no unpleasant surprise as long as you do not go for any unnecessary and unregulated changes. If you are too stringent about the unloaded or dry weight threshold, then you would have to compromise on a few luxury features. You might need to strike a balance between weight, capacity, price and comfortable living. We wouldn’t for a second hesitate in recommending any of these travel trailers to any of our friends, family or readers.

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Thursday, 13 September 2018

The Top Five Luxury Travel Trailers

Travel trailers are expected to offer a comfortable and safe space for you to camp and sleep during your adventures on the road. You could be headed for the mountains, the forests, the beaches or some remote place that is tucked away from the distractions of the modern world. You could be traveling cross-country or you may prefer to stick to the highways.

Regardless of the types of facilities that might be available at your destination or are available en-route, luxury travel trailers should provide more than the basic necessities and should offer more than a convenient location to your head at night. Some travel trailers are of course more luxurious than others. They will not only offer you a homely space where you can unwind, rejuvenate and attend to your daily needs but also a generous dose of fun and entertainment that is more often than not more akin to a well-appointed apartment.

We are now more than ever spoilt for choice when it comes to luxury travel trailers. However, luxury should be properly defined, as an abstract view will lead to inappropriate and possibly irrelevant comparisons. When we talk about the top five luxury travel trailers, we are prioritizing design and features, build quality and floor plan, ratings, and reviews from experts and fellow adventurers. So, without further ado, here is our tailor-made concise list of the five best luxury travel trailers right now. It perhaps goes without saying, but most of these are relatively expensive but they are more than worthy of being described as premium travel trailers.

Grand Design Reflection Travel Trailer

If you were to open up a dictionary, this travel trailer might just be the definition of what grandeur looks and feels like. There are five-floor plans you can choose from. The unloaded weight of the travel trailer ranges from around 7,500 pounds to almost 9,000 pounds. As few as five and as many as ten people can sleep in the trailer which is not surprising considering the dimensions of the trailer are thirty-three feet to thirty-seven feet long. The unloaded weight is in an ideal range but the loaded weight may be a tad too high for vehicles weighing half a ton, so make sure you know the towing capacity of your vehicle. This series of travel trailer is a fine example of a design that is a combination of substance and style. It looks amazing and is practical at the same time.

There are a reasonable number of variants so you may want to focus on Reflection 315RLTS or Reflection 285BHTS. The sleeping capacities of these two make them more desirable, especially for larger families. There is not much of a difference in regards to features as they remain the same regardless of the floor plan you choose. The more luxurious travel trailers in the Reflection series have a skylight with a wide view in the shower. All Grand Design Reflection travel trailers come with hand polished maple cabinet doors, a tri-fold hide-a-bed sofa, king sized wardrobe and oversized storage under the bed.

Keystone Hideout Travel Trailer

This luxurious travel trailer is one of the most spacious options that’s available on the market at the moment. The trailer is twenty-three feet to thirty-seven feet long. There are as many as forty-four different floor plans. The unloaded weight ranges from 4,100 pounds to just over 8,500 pounds. The trailer is spacious enough for three to ten people. The trailer is as spacious as it is versatile, boasting a range of features. The sheer number of floor plans offers you an opportunity to pick a unique layout to suit your specific needs, you’d be hard pressed to not find something that meets your requirements. The length, weight and other capacities would obviously vary depending on your choice. You can choose a more versatile plan if you want, provided it is sufficient for the number of people you want to accommodate. Or alternatively, choose a floor plan that provides ample room for your family, guests, and friends.  Just make sure you’re assessing all the floor plans if you wish to find the perfect Keystone Hideout travel trailer.

Hideout 28RBS and Hideout 32BHTS are relatively more popular right now owing to the features and the sheer number of choices available. There are variants that come with a roof upon which you can walk or camp and even sleep overnight if the weather is conducive to camping out. There is a high definition television inside and it is complemented by surround sound speakers, so it has your entertainment sorted if you want to have a movie night or if the weather has turned bad. There is enough storage. Most of the space under the master bed has been used for storage. There are the usual storage cabinets and spaces as well. Nearly all the variants of Keystone Hideout travel trailers come with reversible dinette cushions, six cubic feet fridge, surround sound speakers and full strutted storage under the master bed.

Palomino Puma Travel Trailer

The Palomino Puma travel trailer falls short by just one-floor plan compared to the Keystone Hideout travel trailer. There are forty-three floor plans but they come with the same features, so you are not going to compromise on any of the luxuries assured by the brand in this series. The length ranges from twenty-seven feet to thirty-eight feet. The unloaded weight ranges from just over 5,000 pounds to nearly 9,000 pounds. As many as ten people can sleep in the trailer, which even when maxed out, it doesn’t feel overly cramped or lacking in space.  If you’re traveling as a couple or even by yourself, the space available is a little bit excessive, we think it’s best for four or more travelers.

Palomino Puma travel trailer is versatile and spacious. It’s really comfortable and has in our opinion a really swanky interior. The luxury features are simply great given the price range. Many manufacturers tend to limit the luxury features when creating some of the more reasonably priced variants. This brand does no such thing with this series, with prices that are substantially more appreciable than those of some of the other luxury travel trailers on this list, you’ll be hard pressed to find better value elsewhere.

The Puma 32RKTS and Puma 27RLSS have been critically well received, and we think this is well deserved. Both have decorative kitchen backsplash, bath skylight, jackknife sofa, nickel finish kitchen faucet and extra storage space such as under the sofa among other places. There are four choices of interior décor, which is in addition to the floor plans you choose. The single control kitchen faucet has a high rise, the splashboard is utilitarian and aesthetically pleasing, the pull-down drink tray at the center of the jackknife sofa is well positioned and practical, and the extensive list of possible expansions and upgrades are going to be sufficient to satiate even the most demanding users.

Heartland North Trail Travel Trailer

The Heartland North Trail travel trailer excels at providing an environment for relaxation and entertainment, which are two quintessential elements that ensure you finish your travels relaxed and rejuvenated. The Heartland North Trail travel trailer has twenty-one different floor plans. The trailers weigh anywhere between 4,500 pounds to just over 8,000 pounds when unloaded.  The heartland is suitable for between four and nine people and is available in varying lengths from twenty-six feet to thirty-seven feet. The spectrum of choices is almost mind-blowing, which means that I will put money down that you’re bound to find one that meets your needs.  So, while other luxury travel trailers might not meet all your requirements, meaning you’ll be forced to make compromises. For example, you may find some luxury travel trailers are unsuitable for vehicles with lower towing capacity, but this is not something you’ll run into with the Heartland.  The heartland boasts so many options, sizes and configuration options that there’s something for everyone.

If you choose to go with the lightest Heartland North Trail which weighs 4,450 pounds without any additional load, it is well suited for those driving a half ton vehicle or have a little more towing capacity.  Anyone with this sort of vehicle is unlikely to be able to choose a trailer that weighs a whopping 8,000 unloaded pounds.

If your towing vehicle is up to the challenge, and you can afford to pull 8,000 pounds of unloaded weight, you’ll be rewarded with an impressive amount of floor space in which you can stretch your legs. That is more than enough space for as many as ten people, or less if you really like to stretch out. The diversity in the floor plans ensures you can find just the kind of layout you need for your adventures without compromising how you wish to go about your daily tasks, relaxation or anything else.

North Trail 33 BUDS and North Trail 31BHDD have been well received by the press recently and for good reason. They are exceptionally well appointed and incredibly spacious as well. It should be noted that the more compact models or variants within the series do not necessarily compromise on the luxurious features. You can still get the high definition LED television and the swivel feature so you can point the television towards the bedroom and fall asleep while watching your favorite show or movie. The interiors are brought to life courtesy of the accented walls, the decorative inserts made of glass and you may even choose outside speakers if you want to take the fun outside. All models or variants come with a monitor panel in the bathroom, shower skylight, designer accent walls, and decorative glass inserts and you can have outside speakers with any.

Jayco White Hawk Travel Trailer

The Jayco White Hawk travel trailer has a sleek external appearance, and it has just as comfortable interiors as the others on this list. The unloaded weight of this trailer ranges from over 5,200 to nearly 7,800 pounds. The length varies from twenty-six feet to thirty-seven feet. You can comfortably accommodate four to nine people depending on the floor plan you choose, which will determine the legroom to a large extent.

Jayco White Hawk travel trailer has a standout décor. There are three distinct options to choose from. While all the luxury travel trailers listed here look amazing inside, this one is sophisticated and chic at the same time. One décor makes it just another version of a typical home and another makes it look like a motorhome or vanity camper used by celebrities. Jayco White Hawk travel trailer has more than sufficient versatility in regards to floor plans. Sure, you do not get as many as forty-three or forty-four options but twenty-six variants you get to choose from are enough to satiate your need for distinctness. It is unlikely you would not find at least half a dozen plans suitable for your family and friends. White Hawk 32 BHS and White Hawk 31BH are the more popular ones right now but the others are equally worthwhile.

Jayco White Hawk travel trailers come with wood grain accent paneling, furnace with auto ignition, skylight in bathroom, thermostat and a whole gamut of optional upgrades that you can choose from on the basis of need, preference and of course affordability. For instance, you can choose tub surround, a better air conditioner or a secondary air conditioner, frameless windows or a skylight in the kitchen perhaps. Why should a bath or shower be under the sun or a starry sky, cooking could be too. The high output furnace with a thermostat in the wall, the décor and the variants, the closeable and directional vents for the air conditioner and floor plans pave the way for the versatility you would want.

Choosing the Best Luxury Travel Trailer

It is always imperative to tick the essential checkboxes prior to delving into the luxury features or additional amenities, regardless of how much you have prioritized the latter. You have to comply with the towing capacity, bear in mind the restrictions in length and in some cases weight depending on the routes you take or wherever you are headed, the accommodating capacity would always be important and so would be the storage space. The more people you have onboard, the storage requirement would escalate proportionately and not every travel trailer has the same space for such needs.

You should focus on imperative features that you need and which will satiate all the requirements of your family and friends. Prioritize the best manufacturers or the most reliable brands. Use some budgeting tools such as payment calculator and always explore finance options, tow vehicle ratings, and trade-in values before you choose a particular brand, model or specific variant. These may seem to be facilitating factors but they can be crucial and almost consequential when you have to account for a substantial difference in what you can conveniently afford and what you must pay, whether or not the value would be worthwhile and if the travel trailer will be appropriate given the towing capacity of your vehicle. You may want to consider upgrades or optional features after you have zeroed in on a model or variant. The surplus factors would only complicate the process of choosing the best among the top five luxury travel trailers.

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