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Living Big in These 12 Spacious Teardrop Trailers

So, the roadtrippin’ adventurer in you wants you to buy a teardrop-shaped trailer.  And why not?  Not only are you leaving just a small footprint on this world compared to a conventional RV (recreational vehicle for the uninitiated), it’s compact enough to easily fit the tightest parking spot.  An average-sized teardrop trailer is only about 5’ tall and 10 ft length.  And that’s not a lot of room, is it?  Your bathroom at home could be way bigger than that.  You’re thinking that the teardrop should, at the very least, accommodate your basic activities inside such as cooking and sleeping? And maybe a little more?

With teardrop trailers becoming popular once again and having evolved since its modest beginnings in the 1930s, manufacturers are also keeping up by building more ambitious models to suit the needs of the modern man or woman.  Teardrop trailers are often more affordable options than a typical motorhome.  We guarantee you will be amazed at how spacious they can be with our top 12 teardrop trailers.  We can wholeheartedly recommend any one of them to be your next teardrop trailer purchase.  From small-scale manufacturers such as Little Guy Trailers to a more familiar Winnebago brand, these trailers are taking RVing to a higher level with their generous floor plans.  Come to think of it, teardrop-style trailers are often much more capable and luxurious than you might initially think.

For each teardrop trailer in our list, we will list items you probably would not expect to find inside a traditional teardrop trailer.  Believe me, it’s not magic – it’s space redefined, teardrop trailer-style!

Winnie Drop Brand: Winnebago

  • approximate dimensions L x W x H in feet:  18.4 X 8 X 9.3
  • other specs available: overall vehicle weight – minimum 2,360 lbs

This retro-inspired trailer is like having your own cosy nook with many lavish creature comforts. Towing is very straightforward given its size, and camping is made even more pleasant and spacious thanks to its slide-out capabilities.  Surprisingly, it can accommodate up to 4 sleepers at a time.  It comes in a range of different floor plans and in three variants namely: WD170, WD170S, and WD170K.


  • relax in a 60 X 40 queen-size bed with storage underneath
  • the kitchen space contains a handy micro-refrigerator to store your meats and other perishable food items
  • a kitchen with sink, a stovetop-style cooker and yet another storage space, albeit overhead this time
  • dine comfortably with your friends and family in a 42 X 74 dinette
  • a toilet with a sink in a bathroom
  • a living room with a mount for your TV and a sliding seat


  • All the items found under WD170 plus:
  • a bigger bathroom with a shower, sink and toilet – a definite plus!
  • Space for your pantry and wardrobe in the back of the bathroom
  • ample space above the kitchen and dinette


  • All the items found under WD170 plus:
  • has 30 X 74 bunk beds to replace a queen-sized mattress
  • a larger 58 X 74 U-shaped dinette perfect for bigger groups or families
  • a complete bathroom with shower and toilet
  • a TV mounting cab unit begging for a small flat screen

For more information, check out Winnebago website at


  • Brand: Little Guy Trailer
  • approximate dimensions L x W x H in feet:  11.7 X 5 X 5.2
  • other specs available:
  • overall dry weight: 630 lbs
  • tongue weight: 110 lbs
  • interior height: 37 inches

This compact fiberglass trailer is aptly named MyPod for obvious reasons. It’s a tiny marvel weighing 630 lbs with a 110 lb tongue weight, your regular car could probably tow it without much difficulty.  It comes in five different colors: blue, red, silver, white and black. The Mypod could very well be your designated camping companion.  And it has space for the following:

  • a 52 X 76 full-size single bed which could fit up to 2 slender sleepers
  • a three-speed fan to cool you during hot summer months
  • built-in air conditioning unit to even make extremely hot summers disappear
  • window shades
  • an entertainment center which can house your TV and video game console
  • a roof rack where you can place your camping gear
  • can be pimped even further to fit tailgate and side mount screen room tents, and trailer cover when in hibernation, so to speak

For more information, check out Little Guy Trailers website at


  • Brand: Oregon Trail’R
  • approximate dimensions L x W x H in feet:  8 X 4 X 5
  • other specs available:
  • base towing wt = 1000 to 1300 lbs
  • tongue weight = 100 to 140 lbs

The FronTear is a popular teardrop trailer from its manufacturer which you can further customize by choosing the exterior color and interior design. Interestingly, it is perhaps the smallest teardrop trailer in the market today.

Here are some of the customizable items as well as some standard features you can squeeze into this cute little wonder:

  • set of cabinets with drawers, some of which you can place overhead or on the rear side of the trailer
  • key holders based on your design
  • backup lights controlled through a tow connector
  • a battery holding tray for maintaining your batteries
  • a tongue rack for storage
  • folding holders for cups – great for your cup of joe
  • galley to host your kitchenware
  • drapes with a barrier backer layers that resist moisture
  • custom-sized door units
  • Digital audio amplifiers
  • a reversible Fantastic Fan and rain sensor
  • LED lights (Halo Dome)
  • TV and DVD prep
  • a bed with 4-inch thickness plus a custom cover
  • stainless steel sink and faucet
  • A propane set with a two-unit burner stove, 11 lb propane tank
and heat shield
  • a panic siren to ward off unwelcome guests such as a black bear for instance
  • a rooftop rack system where you can put your camping gear

For more information, check out Oregon Trail’R website at

Diamond in the Rough

  • Brand: Teardrop Trailers
  • approximate dimensions L x H in feet:  8 X 5
  • other specs available: none

Just like its name, the Diamond in the Rough is a mini sparkler with so much potential despite being one of the smallest teardrop trailers.  It has eponymous features such as the roofing, checker plating, and diamond-plated plate fenders.  The 14-inch chrome rims shine like diamonds, too.  Check out other features available by default and by order for this polished teardrop trailer:

  • a small portable kitchen which comes with a faucet and sinks which can be upgraded to an electric type
    drapes and a mattress
  • shelves and wooden rack to hold your plates, glass, cutlery and cooking gadgets
  • an oven that you can pull out for baking delicious pastries and other specialties
  • space for refrigerator or cooler
  • optional small bunk bed for children
  • a 3,000-watt inverter
  • a large-sized front box to help you with additional storage needs
  • a trickle charger using seven round blade
  • solar panels for the green buyer
  • Plugin (12v)
  • deep cycle marine battery

For more information, check out Teardrop-shaped Trailers website at

Brand: nuCamp

  • approximate dimensions L x W x H in feet:  13.7 X 7.8 X 6
  • other specs available:
  • tongue weight – 100 up to 1,210 lbs when spare tires and its battery unit are accounted for
  • Gross Axle Weight rating – 2,220 lbs
  • interior width – 70 inches
  • interior height – 47 inches

The T@G XL trailers are deemed to have more space than what you are used to with teardrop-shaped trailers.  In any case, it’s still small but can pack a lot of punch. It could also be a sight for sore eyes with the color white combinations on the exterior with red, yellow, and black.  Unfortunately, there are no bathroom facilities in this trailer so you might have to find your “spot” outside in nature.

Meanwhile, these are  the amenities you will find inside the T@G XL:

  • an ample cooking surface for prepping your meals
  • a stovetop oven
  • a microwave oven that’s built-in a panel for your quick bites
  • a kitchen sink to wash your used utensils
  • cabinets on all sides for more storage space; it can also house an A/C and cooler
  • water capacity of 11 gallons enough to supply your needs at a time
  • 70 X 78 king-sized bed located in the middle of the room
  • interior with wood paneling for a bit of rustic feel

For more information, check out nuCamp website at

Timberleaf’s Teardrop Trailer Brand: Timberleaf

  • approximate dimensions L x H in feet:  15 X 5.5:
  • other specs available:
  • overall dry weight: 1,400 lbs
  • tongue weight 140 lbs

Touted as a featherweight by its manufacturer, the Timberleaf teardrop trailer looks eerily similar with the MyPod and FronTear with its retro-modern structure.  It also comes in different exterior colors with their interesting color names such as Pepsi blue, Extreme green, Caution yellow and Bright red.  You will be even more amazed at the facilities and optional extras you can find inside.

  • Plywood walls (Baltic birch) treated with low-VOC acrylic polyurethane
  • a  shelf with a drawer that pulls out to store all your cooking essentials
  • 12-gallon water tank including a sink with a dispenser for cold water
  • gallery-type cabinets with sliding doors that serve as extra storage
  • a 20 square-foot retro laminate countertop
  • a queen size mattress (Colorado style) with 4” thick foam
  • a tinted polycarbonate (44×26) skylight  complete with pull-down shades and double screen (14×17 each) venting windows
  • a Fan (‘Fantastic’ brand) to provide some air circulation
  • R-11 rated anodized aluminum roof and aluminum sides complete with ceiling and wall insulation
  • roof rack in euro styling to hold your off-road bike and other gear
  • tent room with mesh material to let more of the outdoors in
  • a roof storage using a pioneer platform that can fit any trailer size
  • awning for some shade and curb appeal
  • a stove paired with windscreen and a couple of 22” burners
  • a tongue-style aluminum storage unit which can be locked to secure your items
  • a wooden cooler that comes with a handy 45-liter optional countertop lid
  • a wooden shelf on the exterior which can be detached or 2 wooden foldable shelves on the interior

For more information, check out Timberleaf website at

Vistabule’s Teardrop Trailer

  • Brand: Vistabule
  • approximate dimensions L x H in feet:  14 X 5 X 5.7
  • other specs available:
  • tongue weight – 130 to 1520 lbs depending on load
  • overall vehicle weight- 1220 lbs

The Vistabule teardrop trailer is another small wonder which boasts of large windows as if bringing the outside in. You can enjoy viewing the horizon with the front window which changes to your skyview when you’re lying down on the bed. Towing is an uncomplicated process with its aerodynamic properties and its ball hitch that measures 2 inches.  You will be very excited to see what’s inside a Vistabule:

  • a kitchenette with outdoor cooking that has a sink and a two-burner stove
  • a pass-through feature that allows food the be easily shared when it’s time to eat
  • several cabinets for storing your cooking gadgets and dinnerware
  • a 58.5 X 78 main bed with underneath storage with a length of 6.5 inches and foot room
  • a gallery counter which approximately measures at 36 inches in height
  • a dining space to share with your family or group of friends
  • a two-in-one sofa bed
  • a nice headboard with which you can hang your keys has upper storage capacity for your clothes and other miscellaneous items
  • a nine-gallon storage tank each for graywater and freshwater
  • a floor mounted table when sofa bed is in sofa mode folds to become a side table if in bed mode

For more information, check out Vistabule website at

560 Raindrop Brand: Camp-Inn Teardrop Trailers

  • approximate dimensions L x W x H in feet:  14 X 10 X 5
  • other specs available:
  • overall vehicle weight – between 1,000 and 1,500 lbs
  • tongue weight – 150 to 180 lbs

The  560 Raindrop figures as one of the biggest teardrop trailer from the Camp-Inn fleet with its width of ten feet.  That said, you can expect this hefty teardrop RV to break conventional boundaries in its industry.  Towing and parking this RV are made simpler with the chock blocks, folding hitch, leveling jacks, and a hitch ball.  The front panoramic windows are big enough to enjoy the view outside.  Be dazzled some more by the following items you can discover about the 560 Raindrop:

  • dual cabin doors for gear storage
  • a set of bunk beds for small children
  • a queen-sized foam mattress with cover
  • a couch that can fit two adults
  • a propane gas tank for your cooking needs
  • graywater and freshwaters tanks with monitor and a capacity of 8 gallons each
  • outdoor kitchenette with underneath storage, a two-unit burner stove, birchwood cabinets, drawers, a sink with faucet spray hose that is made of stainless steel
  • more storage beneath the flooring and on the front side
  • curtained and screened windows
  • a ceiling fan
  • coat hooks
  • optional appliances such as 15-inch TV, DVD player, sound system, and air conditioning unit
  • solar panel prep

For more information, check out Camp Inn Teardrop Trailers website at

Mount Massive Brand: Colorado Teardrops

  • approximate dimensions L x W x H in feet:  14 X 6.8 X 6.8
  • other specs available:
  • overall vehicle weight – 1,430 lbs
  • tongue weight – 199 lbs
  • Cabin height – 56 inches

If you’re a family of 5 or more, the Mount Massive Teardrop trailer is perfect for you.  Yes, it is a massive teardrop which should be towed by a pickup, minivan or an SUV.  This trailer is beautiful with its maple plywood walls, huge stargazer windows, and ample insulation not only on the walls but also the floors, ceiling, and doors.  The walls will not corrode or degrade easily because of its low VOC polyurethane covering. And of course, you will be impressed by the many possibilities it can hold in its interior.

  • a kitchenette with countertop, shelves that slide and rotate for your stove and other cookware
  • 41-inch galley counter for your kitchen prep
  • a 60 X 78 queen size bed with shelves
  • a convertible sofa bed
  • lighting
  • dividers for cooler/ water tank
  • a cleanup tub
  • cabinets to hold your utensils
  • a 14 X 14 pop-up vent
  • optional power package including plug-in, AGM batteries, an inverter and solar panel
  • a spare tire

For more information, check out Colorado Teardrops website at


  • Brand: Escapod
  • approximate dimensions L x W x  H in feet:  13 X 6.4 X 6
  • other specs available:
  • Maximum weight capacity – 3,500 lbs
  • tongue weight – 185 lbs

The Dreamscape teardrop trailer is a mobile version of the capsule hotel which is common in Japan.  It is as efficient but even capable of more functionality.  It is proudly American-made with powder-coated steel ensuring your trailer to rack up miles without problems.  It has complete insulation covering not just the walls but practically the entire trailer that will not only keep your interior at room temperature but also soundproof it somehow. The Dreamscape will continue to wow you with these awe-inducing standards and optional add-on line-up:

  • an outdoor kitchenette with cabinets on the backside and several drawers where you can keep your utensils
  • countertop with stove top made with stainless steel
  • a  good space for small kitchen appliances such as coffee maker, microwave, electric mixer, etc.
  • a 65-liter cooler
  • a queen-sized 5-inch memory foam mattress with underneath storage for your personal items
  • USB charging device and deep cycle battery
  • LED lighting
  • a triple speed fantastic fan
  • Three cubbies and four cabinets to keep your things organized
  • hitch that fully articulates
  • electrical converter (110v)
  • propane heater with water tanks
  • a water heater and shower unit to refresh you after a tiresome hike in nature
  • rooftop tent and awning combo
  • racks for bikes and kayaks
  • spare tire and mount for security in case of emergency
  • a stove with a propane tank

For more information, check out Escapod website at

Sierra Madre Basic On-Road Teardrop Trailer

  • Brand: Sierra Madre
  • approximate dimensions L x  H in feet:  8 X 4 (smallest model)
  • other specs available: none

The Sierra Madre Basic On-Road Teardrop Trailer could be your good start in a trailer lifestyle.  It comes in different sizes (4 X 8, 4 X 9, 5 X 8, 5 X 9, and 5 X 10)  which should suit the amount of stuff and number of people you’d like to join your trip.  The chassis of this teardrop trailer has a torsion axle (Dexter type), wheel jack in front, safety chain, 14-inch powder-coated tires and 2-inch A frame in square tube.

The Birch plywood wall interior gives you UV protection with its clear lacquer covering and the anodized aluminum exterior.  The 12 X 18 windows provide a nice view of the outside. The ceilings are insulated to keep you comfortable during cold weather.  You can also enjoy more amenities inside this teardrop force to be reckoned with.

  • a foam mattress
  • a kitchen with counter, shelves, storage compartments where you can stash your cooking gadgets to make your prepping a lot easier
  • bedroom lighting, gallery and cabin domes.
  • a bedside shelf to hold your night lamp and some books

For more information, check out Sierra Madre Trailers website at

RetroRide 5 X 10  Teardrop Camper

  • Brand: RetroRide Teardrops
  • approximate dimensions L x  H in feet:  10 X 5 (biggest model)
  • other specs available:
  • Tongue weight – 160 lbs
  • Overall vehicle weight – 1,110 lbs

The RetroRide 5 X 10 is the largest among the company teardrop trailer variants.
It also looks like it comes from an era gone by with its basic aluminum exterior but this time only a bit more polished.  You always have the option to customize the color to your own liking for an extra charge.

This simple teardrop trailer has varnished interiors and bare essentials such as front rack, and two doors.  The low price tag will give you room for upgrades which you can add to your trailer’s stash.

  • A/C and heater units
  • replacement tire
  • Additional windows for some nice view
  • battery in 12 volts to accommodate your small appliances
  • radial tires measuring 15 inches (standard is 14 inches)

For more information, check out RetroRide Teardrops website at

Is it truly for you?

These teardrop trailers make you think twice on getting a more a conventional RV not only because of the price but also, you may have realized that you don’t need a lot of space to experience a home away from home atmosphere.  All you need is creativity, smart planning, and I must admit, a bit of compromise.  Yes, you can fit the queen-sized mattress of yours, you just have to be strategic in doing so.  As you have discovered from our 12 teardrop trailer examples, no space is wasted, there is always a purpose it can serve one way or another.  While you manage your expectations, perhaps you will find yourselves pleasantly amazed when you step inside the not-so-small world of the iconic teardrop trailer.  It will take you to places literally and figuratively speaking.  Living big in a teardrop-shaped trailer is not impossible indeed.  But then again, is it really for you?  In spite of all the details I have provided here, only you can answer that for sure.

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Best Pop Up Campers Our Top 5

Pop up campers are incredibly popular now, people are choosing pop-up campers over the pricey motorhomes for practical reasons, they’re just more affordable.  A pop-up camper is a foldable mobile tent which is easy to put up yet is also very easy to tow.  Of course, cheap doesn’t necessarily mean good.  If you end up buying a less than capable pop-up camper, chances are you’ll end up needing to buy another, negating any savings you may have made. It’s worth getting the best pop up camper from the outset.

However, you’re in luck, a good pop-up camper may need not be as expensive as you think.  It can be complicated though, because there are so many camper models available, each one promising to meet, if not, exceed your expectations.  To help make your buying decision easier, I’ve compiled a list of the best pop up campers available to buy on the market today.

But before we get into the details, I’m assuming you would want to get to know more about the humble yet ubiquitous pop-up camper if you’re buying it for the first time. Or maybe you’re just someone that wants to get reacquainted with this affordable RV. In which case, the next section is for you.

Each one of us has their preferences, notwithstanding budget, so let’s begin with the most important factors to consider in a pop-up camper, as well as what are some of the questions you should answer before making your purchase.


If you’re fortunate enough to head out on an adventure filled journeys, ending up in exotic locales all over the country, then you might take some comfort in being able to hunker down in comfortable and familiar surroundings.  A pop-up camper can meet these needs perfectly, but there are a couple of aspects you may need to consider.

  1. How many persons can sleep inside the pop-up camper?  Some campers can accommodate two to eight sleepers at a time. If you max the sleeping capacity, it can certainly be cozy, but that’s the price you’ll pay.
  2. How much can you store inside? Length varies from ten feet up to as much eighteen feet and up to fourteen-floor plans for some models.  A reasonable amount of storage should be enough to keep your things organized.
  3. Is it easy to tow using my car?  Pop-up campers are lightweight in general, so it is compatible with virtually any type of four-wheeled vehicle, especially those with limited towing capacity.  As pop-up campers are generally lightweight, the fuel economy of the vehicle is unlikely to be significantly impacted.  The low profile also means rear visibility is decent.


This is where a trailer can up the ante over a normal tent- the creature comforts and features can be very attractive to a buyer.  After all, a pop-up camper will be your home away from home, if not your only home so it’s got to have the bells and whistles, and then some.

  1. Does it come with a toilet?  Toilets are not usually available for the smaller models for obvious reasons.  For those that can accommodate one, it’s common to have a wet bathroom facility.  It’s like the bathrooms you will find in trains.  The shower head is almost directly above a waterproofed toilet so expect not only to clean yourself when taking a shower, but the entire room is likely to get wet. If you don’t like the extra hassle, there are even a few that have a separate shower and toilets.  Again, it’s unlikely that these shower rooms will be very large, but there should be room enough to store shampoos, soaps etc.
  2. Does it have a kitchen and/or a living room?  Ok, let’s keep it real, a kitchenette and a sitting room maybe.  A small outdoor style kitchen can often be found on the side paneling. These may consist of a compact sink and a two to a four-burner stove.  A portable kind can also be placed inside on some models.  Even if you’re only equipped with a two burner stove, it can afford you the luxury of producing a range of homemade meals. Once you’ve been dining on takeaways and fast food for several days, the thought of a freshly made meal can be very appealing.  Additionally, having a sofa can be a great addition to entertain friends or serve as your retreat after a tiring hike in the wilderness.
  3. Can it fit a refrigerator? If your pop-up camper can hold a refrigerator albeit the personal or mini kind, then that’s a big bonus.  When you’re choosing food to take on your camping trip, having the ability to keep frozen items frozen and fresh items cool can make a massive difference to the variety of foods you can take with you.  A cold drink on a hot day can also be a pleasant treat.
  4. Does it come with beds?  Don’t expect a big, fluffy king-sized mattress.  Remember, you’re not staying in a fully-equipped five-star hotel room. It’s a camper, but you can still have a soft bed that is comfortable enough to give you and your family and/ or friends, a good night’s rest.  You can even upgrade the bedding with aftermarket alternatives such as memory foam or hybrid mattresses.
  5. Can it accommodate an A/C and/ or heater?  An A/C unit during a hot summer and a heater on a cold winter freeze can offer much-needed comfort when the weather outside is less than clement.  Pop-up campers are more vulnerable to the conditions going on outside compared to any other RV.  If its hot outside, it’s likely to become very hot on the inside unless you can create sufficient airflow through the tent.  Likewise, if it’s cold outside, the temperature inside can quickly drop on the inside unless you can provide a source of heat.


Just like any big purchase, you wouldn’t want to waste your money on something that will break only a few months if not weeks after you bought it.  It’s a good thing that pop-up campers can last a long time with the right care and attention, but you need to make sure you’re buying a reliable model.  Like anything else, there are occasional duds which you’ll want to avoid.  There are some questions you need to address when getting your camper:

  1. Can I confidently drive it on the freeway without any concerns over its structural stability?
  2. What happens when you’re camped out and it starts blowing a gale?


The foldable feature of the camper itself should help in hinging and unhinging the trailer to your car without too much hassle.  However, assembling your pop-up camper from its folded state can be tedious.  It’s one of those things you need to know step by step using the owner’s manual, the more you use it, the more adept you’ll become at putting it up.  Practice makes perfect.  It might need some getting used to, but this is another important consideration for your purchase.


For worry-free usage and confidence in its abilities, care and maintenance are necessary.  Aside from regular cleaning, you might be in for expensive repairs if it involves the camper flooring.  Ultimately, you must carry out routine checks on the waterproof canvas, checking out for wear and tear, holes or anything else that may impact it’s waterproofing.

Additionally, checks should also be carried out on the roof lift system, seals and tires.  Holes caused by abrasion are more prone to happen where the canvas meets the frame or where sections pivot, so pay special attention to these areas.  You can most probably do the minor repairs by yourself and consult a professional for the complicated issues.


Again, the fact that his camper is collapsible when on the move gives it a tidy and neat look when not in use.  When the trailer is unfolded, it’ll closely resemble a tent, which is not necessarily a bad thing.  You can even add custom touches to your camper to better match your personal styling preferences.


Should you buy a brand-spanking new model or a used but in good condition variant?  A used camper is not so much a bad idea for as long as the preceding buying factors are met.  If you have the skills and time to do so, a fixer-upper can also be a good choice, you might even be able to sell it for a profit once restored.  You must also check for any issues or imperfections on the following as well:

  • the physical condition of the entire vehicle
  • damage caused by moisture
  • heating and cooling systems should be in working order
  • fair selling price

But if you want to make a sound investment and have a solid budget for it, buying a new one makes more sense, most importantly if it’s going to rack up lots of mileage. That’s of course just my opinion.


There are different kinds of RVs catered to different buyers.  One type is the Trailer van which is a much sturdier version with its hard structure. So how does our humble pop-up camper hold up to the trailer van?  Let’s find out on this face-off:


Pop-up campers easily win this one.  The specially treated canvas is lightweight and folds when you’re on the road, making towing the entire thing a breeze.  Travel trailers with its metal walls, are fixed in size whether you’re camped out or traveling. They are a lot heavier and bulky in appearance.


You can easily store your pop-up camper when not in use, with some models even having a door lock for added security and peace of mind.  On the other hand, you might need to find a lot more space in your garage to accommodate your travel trailer or worse, you may even have to pay just for trailer storage.  Based on its compact size which makes for easier storing, It’s now 2 points for pop-up campers.


Aside from being lightweight, the low towing profile of the pop-up camper allows for regular driving routines you are already accustomed to.  As such, backing up is less of a problem because of its low height when collapsed, it does not block your vision.  When you are pulling an RV such as a travel trailer, you will need those special side mirrors to back up safely.  If only for this reason, the pop-up camper wins.


It’s safe to say that you can carry out most of your basic home activities such as cooking, showering, relaxing, sleeping, storing things etc. in both the pop-up camper and travel trailer. In terms of versatility, travel trailers have the edge over pop-up campers, they tend to have more amenities and are easier to use.

While we are clearly praising the benefits of a pop-up camper, they do have several shortcomings that are not present in a travel trailer.  I would say that pop-up campers are best suited for camping trips (glamping if you have a pimped-out model with extra perks) while travel trailers are for those who would want to go on long vacations and save money instead of booking hotels.  A travel trailer is more spacious and therefore has more capacity for luxurious amenities.  Travel trailers also require very little in the way of set up, most of the time you can just park up and with a small amount of effort you’re all set. They also tend to offer a little bit more of privacy because of its solid walls, which stop light as well as noise escaping.

And in case you’re wondering, you don’t need a special driving license or any additional training to be able to pull a pop-up camper.  Your existing license will suffice

We’re nearing our best pop-up camper picks, and I know you’re excited to know which campers have been included. At this point, you have been armed with basic knowledge on what you are buying, the good points, the bad points, what to expect and what the alternative RV options offer over a pop-up camper.  Now onto our top picks and the criteria we’ve used to score each of the options.


  • selling price – Being the most expensive doesn’t always translate to top quality. We have chosen five brands that have excellent price points, a.k.a more bang for your buck.
  • functionality – We highlighted each camper’s salient features that make them so attractive to buyers. Brand A could have more storing capacity than Brand B, but Brand B has a four-burner stove while Brand A has two.
  • customer rating – Who better to have a say than the actual person who has tested it.  It is one thing to sell a nice product and another to have a sleuth of positive reviews and highly recommended product.
  • feedback from product experts – Information by people in-the-know is, valuable.  The technicalities are where it’s at and even laymen like us consumers need that understanding so we can appreciate the product even more.

We’ve spent countless hours and days researching this topic to provide you with the most comprehensive guide available.  As we’ve already discussed, we’ve had to talk to customers of the chosen campers as well as RV experts to balance objectivity in our review choices.  We also made use of online surveys to supplement our opinions and preconceptions.  I will highlight the buying and review criteria we laid out earlier on in this article, as well as through in a few observations and thoughts.

Our intention is to provide you with as much detail as possible to allow you to make your own informed decision as to which pop-up camper best suits your needs. So, without further ado, please read on for our top 5 recommended pop-up campers.

Jayco Jay Series Sports Camping Trailer


The Jayco Jay Series Sport is arguably the best in terms of its functions and features.  It can pack a lot of punch within its frame and its fifteen-inch mud tires which are available on the Baja Package model are icing on the cake.  Towing is not a hassle given the ample ground clearance.  It doesn’t hurt having the retractable aluminum steps and a screen door that’s self-closing, either.

Thanks to its sturdy cabinetry, you can store as many pots and pans as you want, keeping your camper clean and organized. You can extend your space with an outdoor feel using an optional ten-by-twelve screen room and privacy panels. This way you can enjoy delicious meals and engaging conversations outside but still have the benefit of shelter from wind, rain, and sun.


Talk about next level camper facilities- the Jayco Jay Series Sport boasts a kitchen with acrylic sink and faucet and stainless-steel stove which you can use either inside or outside. It comes with a hinged galley with a fridge which is pre-plumbed for added comfort.  There’s an option for four-inch heated bed mats as well as bunk lights and fans.

It has a curtained bathroom, a dinette with reversible cushions, and area prepped for your entertainment where you can place your flat screen TV and sound system.  Not to forget, a six-gallon water heater to enjoy your quick but relaxing hot shower.  With four floor plans that stretch to an unbelievable length of twenty-five feet, it’s features and amenities rival those of many motorhomes or travel trailers.


The iron-clad warranty lasts for an impressive five years on parts and labor, which is a testament to Jayco Jay Series Sport’s reliability.  Its dome-styled roof is made of fiberglass and has Duratek material tents that resist mildew and repel water.  The windows are tinted with vinyl to protect from harmful rays and prevents cracking due to cold weather. The heavy-duty A-frame is Norco that neither corrodes nor scratches. Furthermore, the topnotch finishing’s on the embossed aluminum makes it suitable for any type of camp conditions.


The lift system has wide lifter posts connecting to the tent which makes it simple to assemble.  It also has a leveling tongue jack and a retractable ladder made with sand pads allowing for easy entry into the camper.


The wall-to-wall vinyl floors is of premium quality and make this camper very attractive.  The coziness is even more evident with its jackknife sofa, booth dinette and a lounge area where you can hang out and relax.  The exterior of the Jayco Jay Series Sport appeals to the rustic and rugged as well as the picky and sophisticated buyer.


The Jayco Jay Series Sport is on the top of our list which hits almost all the marks of a perfect, liveable pop-up camper.  It is made of high-quality materials that ensure its longevity.  We like the fact that it comes with a good-size screen room with privacy panels when you want to experience the outdoors while remaining within the camper.  You can stretch the length of the entire pop-up to twenty-five feet and that’s huge by camper standards.  Those waterproof Duratek tents are comforting especially during the adverse weather conditions, we love being inside a tent when it’s raining.

The mud tires and high ground clearance are perfect for rough terrain. We could use a bathroom especially when camped out and it has one. Assembly is fast, easy and uncomplicated, taking only a few minutes to go from trailer to fully assembled.  The 1050-pound rated bunk beds can accommodate a reasonable load to make your stay as convenient as possible.

There are only a few issues I can say about the Jayco Sport.  One of them is that it suits a small group or family better.  It could be tight if you have more people tagging along.  I wish towing could be smoother on rough roads which may need some adjusting. I can also say its durability may be challenged during inclement weather.

Forest River – Flagstaff Hard Side Pop-Up Camper


You get the best of both worlds from the Forest River – Flagstaff Hard Side Pop-Up Camper.  It has hard walls comparable to many campers or travel trailers, yet it has pop-up qualities which keep it portable and convenient.  It’s very easy to tow and storage is straightforward. Having eight-floor plans allow for plenty of choices, The Forest River Flagstaff offers different variants to address different needs.  If you want to save on conventional batteries, the camper is also prepped for solar panels, which can save a lot of hassle when camping without powered lots.


The Forest River Flagstaff has all the basics plus bonus modern conveniences. With the multiple floor plans, you can have a beautiful enclosed living room with maple interior.  As for the pre-plumbed kitchen, it features a high-rise faucet and double-pan sink similar to those you can find in a regular house.  Aside from the three-burner stove, you also have your microwave for quick reheating of your leftovers.  Water supply is ensured with its pump on the underside.

Your entertainment is provided by the presence of a TV outlet cable, satellite hookup, USB ports, WIFI booster and ranger, detachable power cord plus converter and safety breaker to keep your appliances safe.  You can enjoy your zzzzs on quilted bed mattresses with an option for heated bed mats. Attend to your bathroom needs with its hard wall shower and residential-type toilet.


The high-grade materials used in the construction of this camper assures its long-term use and appeal without fear of wear and tear. It also comes with multiple specific warranties on roof, floor, frame, tent, suspension and lifter system.


The fiberglass vacuum exterior, powder-coated steel frame and four EZ Crank Down Stabilizer jacks with sand pads will make setting up a breeze.  You can be camped out in style without much effort.


The combination of the best features from a typical travel trailer and a pop-up camper improve the overall look of the Forest River Flagstaff.  The hard walls, large, tinted rear roof, and windows give it a homier feel. This also allows more natural light and airflow, which make your stay comfortable and gives the impression of larger accommodation.


I’m happy to declare the Forest River Flagstaff Hard Side Pop-up camper as one of the best out there. As mentioned, the durable hard side walls and its folding top merge the great qualities of a trailer and a pop-up.  We like how the entire camper is prepped to accommodate many gadgets and appliances to make your camping comfortable and effortless. The linoleum floors with a wooden design plus two-toned seats make the Flagstaff look even more beautiful inside.  The availability of eight different floor plans provides plenty of options to the buyer.  Another plus is the nice bathroom which I consider the best I’ve seen in a pop-up camper

The disadvantage of the Forest River is not having the flexibility of a camper style where you can arrange your interior whichever way you want because of the hard side walls.   This will depend however on your personal preference as some might be ok with having a fixed floor plan.  Comparing it to the Jayco Jay Series Sport, it does not have mud tires, so it’s less capable camping off the beaten track.  However, you can always opt for a third-party tire to overcome this restriction.  The pop-up camper also lacks a private screen room where you can hang out outside but still within the camper territory.

LivinLite – QuickSilver Tent Camper


The LivinLite QuickSilver Tent Camper offers a wide range of features that you might be looking for in a highly reliable pop-up camper. The price is lower than most yet features many convenient amenities, it could very well be the most affordable luxury pop-up camper there is.  You can comfortably sleep three to six happy campers within its length, which stretches to twenty feet and a height of eight feet with some floor plans.

Speaking of floor plans, there are four to choose from, so there should be something to meet your requirements.  The 12-inch tires will provide you with ample stability on the road.  As for storing items, you have several under-seat storage provisions made of thermoformed plastic which make great use of the space available.


The LivinLite QuickSilver comes prepped for appliances and upgrades such that you can easily make it your own style preferences and needs.  You can add a variety of creature comforts such as air conditioning unit, awnings, awning room, LP furnace, stove, storage deck, residential kitchen countertop, privacy curtains, among others.  On the technical aspect, you can go for electric brakes, higher road clearance, as well as all-terrain 15-inch tires for better road performance.

Default facilities include aluminum cabinets, composite countertops, vinyl cushions, fans on 2 bunk rooms, electricity outlets, hand pump sink, and water tank. If you’re not content with the basics, you can choose from any number of packages that increase the usefulness of the pop-up camper.


It is amazing that despite its lightweight construction, an all-tubular aluminum frame with vacuum walls can withstand all sorts of adverse weather conditions and they’ve been proven to be resistant to wear and tear.  The composite laminate materials on the exterior are resistant to both water and mold.  The LivinLite QuickSilver has a heavy-duty tent with zippered windows and emergency exits at the bed areas.


Again, its lightweight properties due to aluminum materials account for its tow ability and maneuverability even by small cars.  Transforming it into a campsite can be uncomplicated with the swivel jack on tongue, pre-wired Furrion Solar and front/ rear stabilizer jacks.


You are assured to find a LivinLite QuickSilver that suits your aesthetic preferences, the trailer is available in over six-color configurations. When you’re towing the camper, it’s not at all distracting, as it folds into a neat package which is easy to tow as any other small trailer.


If you are looking to buy a pop-up camper that’s friendly on the budget but has endless possibilities, the Livinlite QuickSilver could be your best choice.  I like the composite countertops, laminate flooring, aluminum cabinetry and residential Freeze/Crack-Proof Linoleum which are all very practical to use.  I could fit more stuff into it thanks to the under-seat Thermoformed compartments that have more storage capacity than you might first realize. And because you didn’t spend as much on buying the camper, it means that you might be able to stretch to more luxury addons and amenities without fear of breaking the bank.  I would get air conditioning, extra ground clearance, 15-inch tires, storage deck, seven-way plug and stove top, so I don’t miss anything.  However, the choice is obviously yours.

However, it could use some improvements on the towing features.  I also think that setup is a bit complicated, if it’s your first pop-up caper, it might take a bit of getting used to.

Going back to the Jayco Jay Series, it does not have a screen room as a standard- but you can buy it separately for an additional fee, of course.

Coachmen – Clipper And Viking Camping Trailer


Coachmen’s Clipper and Viking Camping trailer is one of the nicest out there with its towing procedure made easy by an aerodynamic profile. This pop-up camper has fourteen different floor plans, which provides an incredible amount of choice and options. It can comfortably fit up to seven persons making it a great option for families or group of friends.  You can store your extra baggage in the super sliding storage trunk as an option.


Camping inside the Clipper and Viking trailer feels relaxing and comfortable given the standard facilities.  Aside from the high-density Serta beds, several models of the Clipper and Viking have a built-in shower, Thetford toilet, furnace, privacy drapes, countertops, swing galley and drawer, Bluetooth stereo, acrylic sink, among many others.   If you’re still looking for more items, you can always add air conditioning, a solar panel, screen room, etc.  You’ll never have to miss out anything that you thought you can only have in a typical home.


The chassis being equipped with a tubular steel frame, Wide Trac Ultralube Spring and torsion Axles relieve you of any worries about the camper’s sturdiness.  Driving with the Clipper and Viking is pleasant because of the electric brakes, radial tires and Goshen Lift System with Double Arms.  The laminated exterior is quite assuring that your camper will stay with you for a long time.


This pop-up camper features a Glide-n-Lock Cable Supported Bed System among its state-of-the-art inclusions for easy set-up.  The roof is controlled by a Dual Drive Winch by Canimex that when used with a power drill, raising and lowering the roof will only take a few seconds.


The Clipper and Viking camping trailer has that wow factor when you see the cabinets with walnut finish among others.  They paid attention to the littlest details so that you wouldn’t have to look for anything else.  Folds easily so towing it on the road is not an eyesore for other motorists.


We, including other customers of this pop-up camper, are happy with all the facilities that come with the purchase.  I consider this one of those top luxury pop-up campers in the market.  The lightweight but aesthetically pleasing design is attractive to buyers.  You also get to enjoy the many things you can do with the fourteen-floor plans and be able to bring many companions with you and not feel too cramped inside.  You will barely need to adjust to staying in this camper because it still feels homey with all the modern conveniences it can carry.  On the vehicle performance, the electric brakes, aluminum rims, radial tires are welcome additions.

While it has a lot of useful features, the Clipper and Viking Camping trailer, however, is slightly more expensive than its direct competition.  It also is quite unreliable during extreme weather.  And if I want to nitpick some more, the few color options might put off some buyers.

Aliner& Somerset – NewPort


The Aliner & Somerset Newport camper only has simplicity in its mind, therefore, pegged as a cheap option for consumers who are not fans of ultra-modern facilities.  Despite its simple overall design with its one and only floor plan, it manages to deliver the goods, especially for the rustic adventurer.

The large tires provide a higher ground clearance and handle various terrain quite well. Storage is in a flip-up gallery and can fit a lot of the things you may need.  The camper can provide refuge for the night for up to six individuals with its two 4-inch mattresses.  In case you blow up one of your tires, a spare tire comes in handy.


While the Aliner & Somerset Newport is anything but luxurious compared to the other pop-up campers on this list, it offers important basics to stay true to the authentic camping experience.  You have a decent-sized dinette that can transform into a 39 X 59- inch bed. You also have the standard equipment such as a toilet, double burner with cover, galley, LED lights, privacy drapes, and a portable 5-gallon water tank to help address your daily essentials.


This camping trailer offers Galvanized Steel Side Body Panels and insulated roofing to protect you from the elements.  The stainless-steel lift system assures road safety of your vehicle.


Given the simplicity of the Aliner & Somerset Camping trailer, setting it up as a campsite will be a breeze.  It is perhaps the easiest to transform among the pop-up campers on our list here.


This trailer looks good given its affordable price point.


Anybody who is money-conscious and prefer basic. straightforward features will love this pop-up camper. I like the convertible dinette that can turn into a child’s bed which is very efficient. It is spacious enough to accommodate two 4-inch thick beds and has plenty of storage with its several cabinets inside. It’s great that it has a two-burner stove with cover, so you can still cook your family recipes while you’re camped out.  The large tires and extra ground clearance are perfect for handling the muddy terrain.

Now if you are used to premium amenities, the Aliner & Somerset Newport is not for you.  Objectively speaking though, the cheap quality of construction materials remains a big advantage regardless if you are an extravagant buyer or not.  As such, it will not be ideal for those who intend to use it frequently for camping trips.


Jayco Jay Series Sport Camping Trailer

  • sleeps two to seven persons
  • has four-floor plans
  • up to eighteen feet in length
  • closed length of about 11.7 feet
  • a closed height of about 4.9 feet

Flagstaff Hard Side Pop-Up Campers

  • sleeps two to eight persons
  • has eight-floor plans
  • up to nineteen feet in length
  • closed length of about 17 feet
  • a closed height of about 5 feet

LivinLite – QuickSilver Tent Camper

  • sleeps two to six persons
  • has four-floor plans
  • up to seventeen feet in length
  • closed length of about 10 feet
  • a closed height of about 4 feet

Clipper And Viking Camping Trailer

  • sleeps two to seven persons
  • has fourteen-floor plans
  • up to twenty-two feet in length
  • closed length of about 12.9 feet
  • a closed height of about 4.5 feet

Aliner& Somerset – NewPort

  • sleeps two to six persons
  • has one-floor plan
  • up to eighteen feet in length
  • closed length of about 13 feet
  • a closed height of about 4.10 feet


There you have it, five of the most sought-after pop-up campers in today’s market.  I’m sure there are more alternatives available but I’m confident to tell you that the campers are the best options out there. We have factored in buyer considerations such as function, amenities, durability, user-friendliness, and appearance for each pop-up camper on the list.  And we have proven to you that a product need not be the most expensive to be regarded as one of the best.  It’s about getting your money’s worth.

When something is expensive but justified by its purpose and quality, that’s a good buy.  We tried to cover the need of all buyers- from the thrifty to the extravagant.  While I could be biased in saying that you can use this comprehensive article as your only guide in buying your own pop-up camper, it is still best to check out the corresponding websites of each manufacturer for more granular info.  I can only hope that I was able to positively contribute to your buying decision. Should you finally purchase the camper of your dreams, fill us in with your experiences by using the comments section below.

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Tuesday, 9 October 2018

The 6 Coolest Toy Hauler Motorhomes on the Market

If you’re lucky enough to travel cross-country, you’re lucky enough! However, a lot of people like to carry their toys with them while they travel. Whether it’s motorbikes, kayaks, or even ATVs, an adventure just isn’t complete unless you can take your toys with you. Thankfully, there are some pretty cool toy haulers out there today. If you’re willing to spend the money, you can get your hands on some amazing RVs.

What is a Toy Hauler?

A toy hauler is basically a garage that is attached to your RV. Just like we have garages attached to our homes, we can have one attached to our home-away-from-home. The front of the toy hauler is just like any other RV or trailer. It attaches to your truck and you two it across the country. The back of the RV, however, is wide open so you can load it full of your small (and not so small) toys.

The way it works is the back wall folds down and turns into a ramp. You can use this ramp to roll your toys on board. Any furniture that may have been attached to this back wall fold down as well so you don’t have to worry about moving furniture around.

If you’re not into toys, you can use all of this extra space as living space for your family. You could convert it into a larger dining area or even a bedroom. Just keep in mind that the garage section of the toy hauler is not insulated so you may be hot in the summer and cold in the winter. You can even use it for a picnic or BBQ spot in the summer. It opens right to the outdoors so it’s a perfect spot to hang out and enjoy the day.

So, the general rule is that not everybody who carries their toys around has a toy hauler and not everybody who has a toy hauler has toys! You can use this space for anything you want. If you’re not sure if It’s for you, rent one for a week. See if you like it. If you do, you’ll want to check out the models we review here.

Keep in mind, toy haulers are big – really big. If you don’t think you can handle either towing something this large or driving something this big on the road, don’t buy one. You also have to remember that, because of their size, they may not be able to stop for camp in certain spots. Some camps may have size limits or the camp may just be too small to accommodate your toy hauler.

If you are going to tow it around, you have to make sure you have a truck large enough to handle the weight and size of the toy hauler. You’ll need a super-heavy pick-up truck or large SUV to handle the magnitude of this toy hauler.

Check out the 6 toy haulers we are previewing here. They may be just what you’re looking for. They offer an excellent solution for people who want to take their toys on the road with them.

Evergreen RV Tesla T3950

This toy hauler offers the best of both worlds. You have plenty of cargo space for your toys and you get an amazing living and sleeping space in the RV. This triple-slide dual entry toy hauler offers 1 ½ bathroom and a kitchen island. There’s no skimping on space or style here. The very back, of course, is the cargo area which you can use to put your toys or use it to extend your living space.

Near the back of the trailer, you’ll find two 54” sleeper sofas with a table in between. You can even add a Happy Jack bed above if you need the extra sleeping space. You can choose to equip your model with a 40” television and outdoor patio area.

The Tesla comes with a loft that offers additional sleeping space for your friends or family. The kitchen area is rather large with a refrigerator, stove, microwave, and pantry. You can enjoy the kitchen island that has a sink and additional counter space. Along the side is another recliner sofa that you can use to lounge or even sleep.

As if this isn’t enough, there’s an upstairs compartment. Upstairs you’ll find the master bedroom and full bathroom. It comes with a larger shower, sink, toilet, and closet. The master bedroom comes with a queen-sized bed but you can certainly upgrade to a King if you want. The wardrobe in the master does come equipped with a washer and dryer which is mightily convenient for on the road travel.

The interior of the cabin is orange and cherry. The downstairs space is about 350 square feet, and this doesn’t include the upstairs or optional patio area. You really can’t go wrong with this Evergreen RV Tesla toy hauler.

Winnebago Scorpion 4014

Like the Evergreen RV Tesla, the Scorpion offers a ton of living space and plenty of cargo space for your toys. This 4014-model comes with 1 ½ baths, a loft, and garage. It offers over 350 square feet of livable space. There are a combined living room and kitchen space with a 3-burner stove and refrigerator. The large counter sports a sink and bar as well as plenty of storage space.

The U-shaped sofa looks upon the state-of-the-art entertainment system. There are two tables that can be used for dining or just entertaining. Upstairs comes with a full master bedroom and full bath. There is a linen closet, sink, shower, and toilet. You even get a full-sized medicine cabinet.

The master bedroom comes with a queen or king bed and two night-tables. There is a dresser and wardrobe with a set-up for a washer and dryer if you choose to have them installed. If you head back downstairs toward the garage area, you’ll find the half-bath. It’s conveniently located near the back entrance so people can come and go while enjoying the outdoors.

The garage space also sports two additional sleeper sofas and optional lifted queen-sized bed as well. There is plenty of storage cabinets and even a set-up for a second television if you want. There really is no creature comfort that you won’t find on this amazing toy hauler.

Keystone Raptor 355TS

The Raptor proves that you can have the best of both worlds – a way to store your toys while on the road and an awesome living space. The Raptor comes with 2 baths and plenty of sleeping room. Equipped with heating and air conditioning, this toy hauler offers the best Keystone has to offer.

The kitchen comes with a large refrigerator, microwave, and glass-topped stove. There is plenty of counter space and even shaker style hardwood cabinetry. There is a lovely ambiance thanks to the LED lighting and pendant lights. The downstairs offers a stand-up shower and toilet.

The entire toy hauler is crafted with crown molding and high-quality materials. The master bedroom is carpeted and offers a dual-entry master bath. The bathroom in the master even has a skylight in the shower!

The living area comes with tv ready set-up and two electric beds with opposing flip-down sofas. There is a set-up for a washer and dryer if you so choose. The garage area comes with a pull-down screen so you can enjoy the summer evenings without the threat of bugs or other critters joining you.

Jayco Seismic 4250

Jacyo is known for their campers and toy haulers. The Seismic model does not disappoint. The kitchen comes standard with an oversized 21-inch oven and 3-burner stove. You’ll also find under-mounted stainless-steel sinks. This hauler comes with 2 barstools and full-sized bar.

Entertainment is paramount with the Seismic toy hauler by Jayco. It comes standard with 3 televisions and even offers a cabin-wide speaker system. There are electric queen-sized beds in the back and a sofa that sports heat and massage.

This model comes with 1 ½ baths. The master bathroom even comes with a full-size sunken tub and shower. All the toilets are single-flush for your convenience. All rooms, including the garage, are insulated and come with tech-foil insulation in the floors.

There is a slide screen along the garage door so you have the perfect place to hang out with family or friends on warm, summer nights. The awesome entertainment system provides you with the perfect place to entertain.

The ample storage cabinets will give you a place for everything. The garage area offers plenty of room to store your toys so you can take them with you on vacation.

Crossroads RV Altitude SL ATL225

Crossroads RVs offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate adventure of you just want to get from point A to point B (with your toys, of course) this toy hauler is perfect for you. Boasting plenty of garage and storage space along with a modern living area, this hauler is ideal for the cross-country traveler.

Crossroads is proud of their twilight décor, which offers tri-fold hide-a-bed sofa and an in and out dining table. The kitchen comes with an 8-cubic foot refrigerator and 3-burner stove. There is also a full-size oven so you can enjoy making meals for your family and friends. It even comes with a dishwasher so you don’t have to worry about washing dishes by hand while on your road trip.

The garage has a Happy Jack bed feature for extra sleeping space. There are also hide-a-beds in the main sleeping area. The wooden cabinetry is stylish and modern. You can pick from several different décor shades and designs.

The garage area comes with an electronic awning so you can hang out with friends and avoid the sun or rain. The Crossroads RV toy hauler offers a quick recovery water heater so you don’t have to worry about running out of hot water after a shower.

If you want, you can upgrade to include a party deck on the back of the trailer which is great for entertaining. It’s large enough to hold 10-15 people and is perfect for watching the game or just hanging out listening to music.

KZ-RV Venom 3911

Venom offers the most in luxury. Their toy haulers offer both additional living space and garage space to store all your toys. This model sleeps as many as you can fit! There is a large queen-sized bed in the master as well as power bed in the garage area. There are two additional sleeping quarters with a loft bed and full-size sleeper sofa off the kitchen.

There is a large and luxurious bathroom in the master bedroom. It comes with a linen closet, residential shower with seat, plenty of closet space and a full-size toilet. The bedroom also has a wardrobe that does provide a washer-dryer hookup if you so desire. Or, you can opt to use this for additional storage space for clothes, shoes, and anything else you take with you on the road.

The kitchen comes with a convection microwave and plenty of prep and counter space. There is a hutch and pantry so you don’t have to worry about fitting dishes and food in overhead cabinets. There is an 18-cubic foot refrigerator which is almost as big as a refrigerator you would have in your home.

If you like to entertain, there is even optional theater seating in the living area. You can have your buddies over to watch the game or stream a new release. What better way to spend quality time with family and friends?

The Venom comes with a ton of storage space. You can choose to use the garage area to store your toys or use it as additional living space. You can have parties off the back deck and use one of your two awnings to shade your eyes from the sun and rain. There is pass-thru storage along both sides of the RV so you definitely won’t be lacking for space.

The KZ-RV Venom is ideal if you are looking for the ultimate in luxury and cargo space. There really isn’t they haven’t thought of in designing this toy hauler. You have plenty of room to store your ATV, kayaks, sporting equipment or snowmobile. No matter what part of the country you’re in, you’ll be set to go on a fun-filled adventure.


If you have a craving to become one with nature or just go on a kick-ass adventure, a toy hauler may be the thing for you. You could even take a year or two off and live in any one of these toy haulers. They offer all the comforts of home without compromising on style or space.

The entertainment packages offered on all of these toy haulers are awesome. They come with smart-connect so you can get Wi-Fi or live-streaming while you explore the country. There are several televisions with the options of hooking up additional TV’s. They come with surround sound and some even come with whole-house speaker systems.

If you are looking to take the whole family on the road, these are perfect. Most sleep 6 or more comfortably and offer the privacy of a master bedroom. Mom and dad can hang out in their own oasis while the kids sleep in the living areas or loft. There are additional sleeping quarters if you take friends on the road with you.

You are going to be on the road for a few weeks at a time. You are going to want to cook. The kitchens in these toy haulers are as nice as any you’ll find in a condo somewhere. They come with large refrigerators, microwaves, and full ovens. Some even come with a bar area or dishwasher. There is nothing you can do in your kitchen at home that you can’t do in any of these kitchens.

As for price, they can get pricey. They all depend on how you customize your toy hauler. You may want to take advantage of some of the featured packages or upgrades. You can check any of these models out online and get pricing information. You have to look at it as an investment. You will have this thing for 10-20 years so you will get plenty of use out of them. And, lasI mentioned above, you could even live in one if you chose to.

As for hauling your toys, there is plenty of space for that. You have the entire garage area in any of these toy haulers to keep your toys. They will stay secure and safe from the elements. Store them away and roll them right down the ramp when you’re ready for a little fun!

You really can’t go wrong no matter which brand you go with. They all offer quality products with superior craftsmanship. They all have a good and solid reputation in the RV industry and back up their products.

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6 Fantastic Teardrop Campers With Bathrooms

Teardrop trailers are making a big comeback. People would rather make an investment in a trailer so they can plan and enjoy years’ worth of vacations rather than blow thousands of dollars on one week at an expensive resort. This particular type of trailer is lightweight, compact and convenient. Although they are smaller than conventional trailers, they offer many of the same amenities as the larger models.

It’s no surprise where the teardrop trailer gets its name from. It is shaped like a teardrop. The most rudimentary models offer enough room for two people to sleep comfortably and come outfitted with a rear kitchen area. They were first designed decades ago when people drove little cars that couldn’t tow much more than a small trailer. Over the years, people started driving more powerful cars and SUVs which allowed them to tow much larger trailers across the country. Once this happened, teardrop trailers went out of style.

For both practical reasons and nostalgic reasons, teardrop trailers are coming back into fashion. With the rising prices of gas, people don’t want to have to tow large, expensive trailers. People are also reverting to the simple days of old when people would take off and spend the weekend at a campsite. People are also relishing the idea of a cross-country trip in a trailer.

Why Would You Want a Teardrop Trailer?

There are a lot of reasons why people want teardrop trailers. Not only are they more economical, but they’re also fun. They are a specialty product and not something that will ever become a mainstream phenomenon. That is actually the way true camping fans like it. Not only are teardrop trailers convenience, but they also offer a retro feel that brings people back to a simpler time. Here are some of the other reasons why teardrop trailers are becoming popular once again:


Not only do teardrop trailers cost less to tow, but they are relatively inexpensive. They are much cheaper than an RV. RVs can cost almost as much as a small house or a condo. You can get a teardrop trailer for as little as $3,000. Of course, the more amenities you want, the more you may have to pay. However, not only are they cheaper than an RV, but they’re also cheaper than an expensive one-week vacation! The difference is, they offer years and years’ worth of travel and vacation as opposed to just seven days.

Connect with Nature:

Teardrop trailers offer you the opportunity to see the country without requiring you to stay at expensive and modern hotels. If you are looking to get off the grid and connect with nature, a teardrop trailer is a perfect idea. You get the best of both worlds – you can enjoy the benefits of nature, but you get the comfort of sleeping in a real bed.

They’re Comfortable:

As opposed to sleeping in a tent or a hard cabin, these trailers are actually comfortable. You get the creature comforts of home in a rugged trailer. You can spend your days hiking and exploring nature but you can crawl into your comfortable lodgings at the end of the day. You also get the benefit of a kitchen table, sink, and bathroom. Where are you going to find that for the price of a teardrop trailer?

They Are Cool to Look At:

These teardrop trailers scream the 1950s. They have a cool, retro design that is great to look at both from the road and from a nearby yard chair. They are definite eye-catchers when you’re hauling down the American highways.


Just like their larger counterparts, teardrop trailers are durable. They will offer you years, maybe even decades of fun and adventure. For a small investment, you get a lifetime of enjoyment out of this pint-sized trailer.

What are the Basic Features of a Teardrop Camper?

Most teardrop trailers come with some basic features. Of course, you always have the opportunity to add upgrades and special features. However, there are certain basic features that are available on most, if not all teardrop trailers. These features can be enhanced or improved depending on the make and model of trailer you choose.

Air Conditioner and Heater:

Unlike a sweaty sleeping bag, your teardrop trailer will come with both a/c and a heater. So, on those hot nights when you don’t want to get eaten alive sleeping outside, you can retreat to your cool, air-conditioned teardrop trailer. It’s ideal for winter too. When it’s cold and snowy outside, you can cuddle up under your blanket and enjoy a nice, warm Sunday afternoon watching football.

Entertainment System:

What would a modern trailer be without a modern amenity like an entertainment system? You can enjoy Sunday Night football or just stream some of your favorite music. This is perfect for rainy days when it isn’t ideal to take a hike!


In this modern era, you can install just about any amenity in your teardrop trailer. One complaint about a lot of campers is that they don’t offer a bathroom. People would get frustrated that they could sleep, eat and even watch television in their trailer but have to go to the bathroom in the woods. So now, there are bathrooms available on teardrop trailers.

Great Teardrop Campers with Bathrooms

We are going to take a look at 6 of the best teardrop trailers out there. All the models we are going to look at have bathrooms. We understand that if you’re going to make this kind of investment, you want to have all the conveniences and creature comforts of home.

Here are some of the best teardrop trailers available. They come in all different sizes and looks. It really comes down to your personal style and preferences.

Timberline by Homegrown

For those of you looking for all the creature comforts of home, there is the Timberline by Homegrown. This teardrop trailer is at the top of the line and offers all the amenities of an RV. It is a bit more expensive than the simple models offered by other manufacturers. However, if you are looking for luxury, this is the ideal camper for your family.

This new design by Homegrown is perfect for people looking to travel the country or people who just want to offer private accommodations for the family when they come to visit during the holidays. The Timberline offers spacious living and modern amenities. This model weighs about 4,200 pounds (dry weight) and measures 18 feet on one side and 23 feet on the other. The front and back are between 7-8 feet wide. It offers plenty of square footage for you and your family.

Some of the features of the Timberline are:

  • Solar powered roofs
  • Freshwater system
  • Indoor shower
  • An indoor toilet
  • 2.5-gallon hot water tank
  • Plenty of headroom
  • Under the counter refrigerator

The teardrop trailer by Homegrown sleeps up to 5 people comfortably. You can choose from either bunk beds or opt for a dinette instead. You can customize the interior, taking advantage of the style and design of the Homegrown Timberline. You can opt for air conditioning and heating.

The interior and exterior are made with non-toxic and sustainable materials so you know it’s a healthy and safe environment for your family. It’s also environmentally friendly so you are doing more than just “going green”, you are being kind to the environment. It has a large kitchen and is energy efficient. It’s weatherized and insulated with wool so you can keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Homegrown offers both an On-Grid package or you can upgrade to the Off-Grid package.

Little Guy Mini Max

If you’re looking for high-end but don’t need a huge trailer, the Little Guy Mini Max may be the perfect option for you. Featuring all of the amenities of the larger trailers, this model by Little Guy offers you the home away from home feeling you crave.

The Mini Max offers the same superior craftsmanship, quality materials and thoughtful details of its larger brother the Max. It just does so for about 2,000 total pounds of dry weight. It’s the perfect addition to an SUV or large pickup truck and is lightweight enough to take on a cross-country adventure.

Some of the features of the Little Guy Mini Max include:

  • LED porch lighting
  • 15-inch premium Kenda tires
  • Exterior entertainment system
  • 100% hardwood cabinetry
  • 2-burner glass top stove
  • a/c and heater
  • Stainless steel kitchen sink
  • Huge refrigerator
  • Max-sized wet-bath with residential style shower
  • Full, queen or twin sized beds available

You can customize your Mini Max and even add additional features. This model comes with state-of-the-art appliances and rustic woodworking. The Little Guy Mini-Max is not quite as expensive as the Timberline by Homegrown and retails for about $29,999.

Jayco Hummingbird

Another teardrop trailer that comes with an indoor toilet and outdoor shower is the 2017 Jayco Hummingbird. This new model comes standard with all the amenities you come to expect with the modern trailers.

Both the interior and exterior are expertly made to offer the best camping experience possible. Here are some of the features that are offered with the Jayco Hummingbird:

  • Marine grade exterior speakers
  • Outside propane grill
  • Exterior tv brackets that are cable ready
  • 2-burner cooktop
  • Shower surround
  • High-density dinette cushions
  • U-shaped dinette
  • Decorative window treatments
  • Screwed and glued cabinetry with smoked glass inserts

You get to enjoy the camping experience both inside and outside the Jayco teardrop trailer.

KZ Escape Mini Trailer

The Escape mini-trailer by KZ is one of many models of the company’s light-weight trailers that come with an available bathroom. It comes in 5 different floor plans that you can choose from to create the optimal camping experience for your family.

The KZ Escape Mini comes with standard features and offers a lot of available upgrades. You can customize your trailer to meet your family’s needs. Here are some of the standard features available with the Escape Mini:

  • Cable and Wi-Fi hookup
  • Overhead cabinets
  • Shower and toilet
  • Amish crafted maple cabinets
  • Double-door refrigerator
  • Microwave
  • Wall to wall linoleum
  • Water heater

You can upgrade to a larger refrigerator, a murphy bed with a sofa, and a retractable screen wall. You can customize your Escape Mini trailer choosing from any of the optional features on their website.

The Happier Camper

Another interesting teardrop trailer is the Happier Camper. This trailer offers a combination of retro and modern that will satisfy even the most scrutinous adventure seeker. This latest model uses ground-breaking flexibility to offer an ultra-light-weight trailer that comes equipped with all the modern amenities you come to expect with teardrop trailers.

This trailer offers seating for up to five and is outfitted with storage all throughout the unit. It’s energy efficient and weighs in at just 1100 pounds of dry weight. Some of the features available on the Happier Camper include:

  • Panoramic jalousie windows
  • 72 square feet with 43 square feet of walkable floor space
  • Solar-powered
  • Stainless steel floor drain
  • 5 recessed table leg mounts
  • Nested side-by-side storage
  • Dual-air flow ceiling fan
  • 1-year warranty

There are several models to choose from, each offering more space and higher-grade appliances. There are six different configurations to choose from, each one focusing on a different living area:

  • Dining – you can enjoy a larger dining area with a U-shaped dinette and a larger area for your family to share meals
  • Sleeper-you can optimize your camper to accommodate comfortable sleeping for the whole family, sleeping up to 5 adults
  • Naked – this is perfect for someone who just wants to haul their camping equipment such as canoes, tents, kayaks and tools
  • Study – If you want to focus on the entertainment and relaxation areas, you can opt for this configuration
    Mega-bed- This offers even more room and comfort than the standard sleeper configuration
  • Alternate dining – With this configuration, the kitchen area is at the rear of the trailer, with the focus placed on the rest of the living area.
  • The Happier Trailer can be customized to meet whatever your personal style. You can visit their website online and design the trailer of your dreams so you can start planning your next vacation.

ICamp Elite

The iCamp Elite is very similar to the older styles of teardrop trailers with a modern touch. It comes with the amenities we expect today but maintains the rugged and retro style of the original trailers from the 60’s. This is the smallest trailer that comes with a bathroom. It is a bit smaller than the others, sleeping 3 people comfortably as opposed to 5.

The iCamp Elite is equipped with the standard features found with other modern teardrop trailers, including:

  • Wardrobe
  • Fiberglass bathroom
  • Porchlight
  • 4-layer laminate floor
  • Laminated structure foam body with an aluminum frame
  • Dinette-bed with adjustable table
  • Glass slider windows with screen
  • High gloss finish vacuum-formed cabinets
  • 3-way refrigerator
  • 6-gallon hot water heater

The iCampElite comes with several available options that help elevate your camping experience. You can choose from the following:

  • Flat screen tv
  • LP furnace
  • DVD video/audio system
  • Cool Cat 2-in-1 A/C and Heat Pump unit

You can speak with any of the iCamp representatives or visit them online to build your perfect teardrop trailer with a bathroom.


Whether you’re looking for comfort or adventure, there is a perfect teardrop trailer out there for you. Gone are the days where you had to find somewhere in the Great Outdoors to go to the bathroom. Thankfully, the teardrop trailers of today come equipped with bathrooms – a definite improvement over the models back in the 1950s and 60s.

You really want to think about what is important to you and your family. If you just want to get from one park to the next, you can settle for a rugged trailer that offers a simple and clean place to eat, sleep and hang out.

If you want more luxury and are interested in a little “glamping”, you will want to go with one of the more high-end trailers that come equipped with Wi-Fi and an entertainment system. You can set up camp and have a BBQ for you and your friends.

All of the trailers featured here do have bathrooms – something you just couldn’t get with the original mini-trailers. You can also sleep up to 5 in some of these models which mean the whole family can come along on your wild adventures.

Trailers today are designed to be energy efficient and offer both heat and air conditioning. You can actually enjoy the same amenities as you would in a roadside motel or hotel. You can hook up your flat screen tv and watch the game or keep the kids busy with a video game system.

Start this fall off right with your very own teardrop trailer with a bathroom. You can set out on the road and create your own adventure. You won’t lack for any of the creature comforts of home in aanyof these models. They are available and most can be custom designed.

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Friday, 28 September 2018

Pop-up Tent Trailers: 18 Things Worth Knowing

Whether you want to have a mobile home or a weekend getaway camper, buying a pop-up tent trailer might be the best option for you.  First, they are quite a bit cheaper than buying other towed RVs. A pop-up tent trailer is not only capable of storing large quantities of gear, but can quickly turn into your bedroom wherever you are in a matter of minutes.  Its pop-up feature is a clever piece of tech and engineering, the whole thing collapses down when you don’t need it.

When it’s set up, you’ll have a comfortable living environment, awnings, and even a porch.  Once pitched, we think they can be just as capable and luxurious as almost any other camper, they also look smart.  You can use the pop-up trailer for sleeping, relaxing, or entertaining, then all you need to do is fold it up the next day and you can be on your way again.

I’m here to help you decide whether getting a pop-up tent trailer of your own is your best option.  I’ll share with you everything I know about this unassuming RV.  And I mean everything.  I’m talking about the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything in-between.

You will see and experience camping lifestyle in a different light

So, you’ve always wanted to appreciate camping but perhaps you are such a city slicker that you can’t imagine sleeping in the wilderness with your quilted sleeping bag, not to mention being pestered by flying insects, the weather and whatever else lurks in the dark.  When you have a pop-up tent trailer, its homey conveniences will make you think that you don’t have to be a hard-core camping adventurist to appreciate the outdoors. That doesn’t mean though you can just stay inside the pop-up tent trailer when there is so much to explore outside.  The design and features of a popup tent trailer mean you’re much closer to nature than you would be if you were in a travel trailer or motorhome. You’re going to experience mother nature first hand, there’s very little separating you from the outside.

You’re going to have fun telling your best ghost stories over a campfire and munching smores in between.  Afterward, you can retreat inside to fall into a relaxing sleep on a comfortable double bed in your well-appointed pop-up trailer. Or better yet, continue your story-telling and at the same time gaze at the stars from inside the tent through your ceiling window.

You will find these towaways are not only foldable but also lightweight

I do not know about you but towing a travel trailer or a 5th wheel trailer can be awkward and stressful.  You will even need to adjust your driving as you’re responsible for two vehicles at the same time, your car and the RV.  And this RV alone could be heavier than the truck you’re driving. Such adjustments include braking well in advance as there is often a bit lag with a towed vehicle, just there’s just much more weight to stop.  A slight delay in braking your car could spell disaster on a busy highway.

When you’re backing up with a bulky trailer in tow, you will need to rely on a special side view mirror to make sure you will not hit anyone or anything behind you. However, things are much easier with a pop-up tent trailer, and it’s one the biggest selling points.

First, it is lightweight as it only weighs as little as 600 pounds when empty which is about an eighth of a fraction of a normal size sedan. Sure, there will be some driving tweaks here and there but lugging a tent trailer won’t really make much of a difference in your driving.  In other words, it is very maneuverable.  Second, it is collapsible, so it does not obstruct your rearview mirror and at the same time, you won’t find backing up your vehicle as difficult. For as long as you’re a driver with a valid license, you will need not worry about pulling a pop-up tent trailer

Most pop-up tent trailers will easily fit in your garage

Storing your RV especially during winter months can be a hassle.  Sometimes you will even have to rent a specialist RV parking space, unfortunately, this is going to cost you.  While pop-up tent trailers come in different sizes, their collapsible and overall lightweight design makes storing them a lot easier. For one, you can park the trailer inside an average size car garage. Its height will also not be an issue as they are generally much lower than even sports cars.

If you plan to get one of the incredibly compact pop-up tent trailers, you can just attach it to your pick-up truck or SUV and carry it wherever you are going without much concern for its size.  You’ll barely even notice it’s there most of the time.  This makes pop-up tent trailers especially well-suited to last minute weekend getaways, extensive planning is rarely required.  Simply hook up the pop-up tent and you’re all set to head off on a weekend adventure.

You can do your “business” inside and then some

Say what? Breaking news, a pop-up tent trailer can have bathroom facilities.  While that will mean additional cost if it’s not a standard feature of your trailer, that’s such a relief especially if you’re camped out in the wilderness and suddenly nature calls.  I would say it is going to be a good investment.  Imagine, without a bathroom, you will have to be creative.  Ok, let’s not go there.

When you think about it, you wonder how on earth a teeny tent trailer can fit a toilet inside. Be realistic and do not expect a typical residential bathroom in a trailer.  There’s this thing they call a cassette toilet which is a type of toilet that can be stowed under a storage compartment when not in use, you won’t even realize it’s there.  And it’s tiny yet it serves its purpose.

Meanwhile, let’s push it even further, you can also have your own shower inside.  The most common type would be a wet bathroom where the shower head is almost directly above the toilet.  It can be pretty cramped inside but something’s got to give.  I mean, with this facility, you also have a sink and water tank setup.  That’s a lot I would say.

If you’re tight with your budget though, you can bring along a portable plastic toilet.  Nuff said.

You will feel the heat of these trailers, literally

A pop-up tent trailer’s canvas can get hot when it’s sitting out in the sun, with no shade whatsoever.  If you confine yourself inside, it may begin to closely resemble a sauna or steam bath experience.  Extremely hot weather will affect a pop-up tent trailer significantly more than a travel trailer. The canvas material of the pop-up is thin enough which easily absorbs heat, and it’s thick enough so that it’ll retain heat. It can act as a very efficient greenhouse.

Even your shiny vinyl flooring will heat up and closely resemble what I imagine it feels like to walk on hot coals. If the sun is out in the summertime, whether it stays out in the open or if its parked in a covered space, it will still be hot.  Considering you have a tight area inside as well, staying there will be a sweaty, hellish nightmare you can’t wait to be out of.

Opening the pop-up tent up so that fresh air can get in goes a long way to controlling temperatures, but you can also invest in technology-based solutions which we’ll cover in the next section.

You can have air conditioning and heating units, fortunately

If you are planning to rack up miles with your pop-up tent trailer, then you really should get an A/C and a heater.  It’s great that these trailers can allow for such amenities which add comfort to their residents. Without some sort of airflow, then it can feel like you’re cooking when summer intensifies, so an A/C unit can make the world of difference. In the same manner when it is extremely cold, you will need a heater, otherwise, you will freeze inside considering that most tent trailers use a specially treated canvas which is thin in general.  Even complete insulation won’t cut it when the outside is a winter wonderland.

You can get an A/C designed for campers which are smaller than your usual room-type air conditioning. Portable heaters that can fit nicely in the trailer should likewise be chosen.  When you are lucky enough to have a nice weather, you can just make do with a small oscillating fan just to keep you comfortable and allow for some air circulation.

You can have a hot water heater in there too

Thankfully, this is an option.  Because even if you have a portable heater on during winter inside your trailer, it will not help when you need to take a shower in freezing cold water.  There are better, more convenient heater options for your trailer than boiling your water manually each time.  You can install a small hot water tank which can usually hold up to 10 gallons.  That is less than 20% of a residential hot water tank’s capacity.   And that means you can’t shower too long but that should suffice considering you’re not in a regular bathroom.  And make sure the water heater tank still fits your trailer even if you already made room for a heater and/ or A/C unit.  Depending on how much space you have, you may have to opt for one or the other, but you are camping after all.

You will have to dry out your pop-up after a heavy downpour

Perhaps you were determined to camp, regardless of what the weather forecast was telling you or what the dark clouds on the horizon looked like.  You headed out anyway and hoped for the best.  You were able to set up your trailer nice and fast, and suddenly there comes the rain you were hoping would not happen.  What now? Don’t sit under the awning for starters because you will surely get soaked.  Compress the awning as much as you can to prevent it from getting too wet. More importantly, your tent canvas should be waterproofed, so you won’t worry about any leaks for the time being at least.  But no matter what you do with the awning, it will still get wet in the downpour.

So, you hunker down in your pop-up until the rains subside.  And when they finally do, you must dry out your camper.

Ideally, a spot of sunshine and a light breeze will dry things up nicely, but what if you need to pack up and head home before things have dried up?  You should circulate as much air inside the tent to hasten the drying process.  Or set the tent up once you get home and leave your trailer open, doors and windows for a while until it completely dries.  This could be a challenge during fall or winter as air outside remain damp during much of the season.

The last thing you want to do is to leave the pop-up trailer in a collapsed state for a long period of time while it’s still wet.  If you do, this will give rise to mold and mildew just like any other home furniture that got wet and was not aired out sufficiently.  Here is a simple but sensible advice, avoid using your trailer in the rain frequently if you can help it.  Waterproof properties can wear off easily if it is always exposed to the rain.

You can add custom touches to your trailer’s functionality and appearance

Basically, it’s your pop-up tent trailer, your rules.  You can put whatever appliance you want, may it be a fridge, A/C, portable heater, as long as you stay within your trailer’s space limit, power and load capacity.  You can start by adding an insulating layer to your walls and flooring for basic protection from the cold weather outside.  At the same time, it will serve as sound-proofing of sorts to minimize movement and generator noise.  You might want to add more storage compartments, key holder, coat hooks on the side walls and/ or underneath the floor.  When you have a pop-up tent trailer, you can never have too many shelves or storage cabinets.

Now, if you want to go all-out and money is no object, you can change the color of your trailer’s exterior. Your trailer could very well be your home away from home after all.  You can simply paint over a different color if you have wooden walls to make it your own.  As for your existing amenities, you can change your ordinary mattress into a 4-inch thick, high-density memory foam, add some carpets on your floor to keep you warm and comfortable on a cold night.  Or get more pillows to create a cozy ambiance to your trailer. Then you can add some sliding drapes on your window to shield you from the sun’s strong rays while you sleep in on a lazy Sunday morning.

Your tent trailer’s generator can be a nuisance

You’re probably thinking why a generator that’s considered a great addition to any trailer, proving power, lighting, and entertainment could be considered a nuisance when used with a pop-up trailer tent. I’m of course talking about its noise, which can be quite annoying given the thin walls of a tent.  Most people go camping so that they can enjoy mother nature, perhaps listening to the chirping of the birds, the gentle sound of a cool breeze, which can be ruined by the noise a generator.

The sound penetrates thin walls easily, so you can hear your running generator which can be as unpleasant as sitting next to a running engine, which is basically what it is. Some say the sound it makes is not that bothersome, and it easy to get used to, but I know a lot of people who don’t like it at all that they opt to use AGM batteries and solar panels instead just to avoid the noise it produces.  But if you have no choice but to use a generator whether it’s built-in or portable, it’s just something you’ll have to put up with.

You will have to get used to the tight quarters

Even if there are relatively large pop-up trailers available, I still wouldn’t recommend it to someone that suffers from claustrophobia.  That kind of person will not have a comfortable time inside, to say the least, let alone if he or she must use the teeny tiny bathroom facility, it can be suffocating.  That’s just the reality one must accept if deciding to go on RV living- tent trailer style.

If you think about it, you don’t go camping just to stay inside your trailer.  You should enjoy outdoors more and only use your camper as a place to rest after an activity-filled adventure.  And another good thing is being able to fit your core amenities in the limited space.  You have your bed, sink, fridge, couch, and stove albeit much smaller than what you’re used to.  Important thing is, you will still be able to sleep, cook, relax under the circumstances.  Nevertheless, the trailer lifestyle is not really for everyone.

You will need to take your camper’s tow ratings seriously

When you buy a pop-up tent trailer, don’t forget to read your car’s owner’s manual.  One of the things you need to look at is your vehicle’s tow ratings. You should realize that while pop-up trailers are lightweight in general, you can’t just attach it to your vehicle.  You may own an SUV, minivan, sedan car, or truck, just make sure that the towing capacity is able to handle your pop-up tent trailer.

Don’t just rely on your friends’ recommendations who may or may not be an expert, you need to check and verify the figures yourself. Or if you will skip on reading up and just do your own estimation, chances are, your trailer could be too heavy to tow after its fully loaded. Precious time and money can be wasted.  Stick to what your car manufacturer tells you, check online, in the manual or call the dealership.  It is common to get a downloadable version of your manual if you can’t find your hard copy anymore.

So, you find out about your vehicle’s tow rating.  Average pop-ups can weigh up to 1,000 pounds.  Roughly speaking, the heavier your trailer, the larger vehicle you will need.  It will also mean more gas consumption because the added weight will burn fuel faster. If you have a large SUV, you will be able to tow trailers which can weigh, say, 2,000 pounds.

You should never go beyond that limit, even maximizing the rating at full tow capacity.  It is always better to consider a lower weight than the tow rating because you might decide to upgrade your camper by adding more amenities like a bigger bed or extra storage cubbies which could all add up to the overall trailer weight.  Plus, you will need to factor in the number of passengers that will be inside at a time. Better conserve some weight so that you won’t have towing problems in the long run.

You will find that the more your items are collapsible, the better they are for your trailer

Just because we said that a pop-up trailer can house many of your favorite appliances doesn’t mean that they’re designed for use in a pop-up trailer tent.  Read: collapsible.  Yes, your amenities should have that capability aside from having a small size.  We’re talking about folding chairs, folding tables, storable fridge, murphy bed of sorts, underneath storage, reversible cushions, among many other items.  These make your entire trailer to stay true to its collapsible feature. You will also need to consider a multi-purpose function of the features found inside your camper such as your sofa transforming into a bunk bed during the night.  This reality contributes to a whole new experience of tent trailer Rving.  Again, you have limited space, so you have to pick your non-negotiables wisely and decide to leave some items at your house. It’s called compromise.

You can buy a preloved tent trailer and it’s ok to do so

Depending on where you are at in terms of budget, buying a used pop-up trailer is not so much a bad idea.  You get to enjoy the RV lifestyle without breaking the bank when buying the more expensive and bulky travel trailers.  That is not to say that a used tent trailer is ultra-cheap because you will still shell out hundreds if not several thousand dollars based on the overall resale value.   You will still save a good amount of money that way instead of buying a brand-new tent trailer.  Check out National Automobile Dealers Association or NADA guides website so you can have an idea of what the current selling prices are for used trailer models.  If you decide to proceed with buying, you can always do it directly on the NADA site.

You must take your time to decide if a pop-up trailer is really for you

You’ve been back and forth with checking all the information about different manufacturers, competitive pricing and customer feedback which you can find on the internet.  Despite that, you still haven’t found “the one” if not, you still seem not ready to take the plunge yet.  You may think the prices are too rich for your blood or you’re simply having second thoughts. “Should I give up?”, you ask yourself.   I say, don’t. And sleep on it. It may take a while for you to decide.  One thing is, don’t force yourself just because you want to keep up with RV friends or prefer a brand for its cheap price alone.  Just like with any major purchase, avoid emotional buying because you just might regret it later on.  Don’t worry, one day you will be able to discern your choice.

You can get ripped off when you buy a used pop-up trailer if you’re not careful

Aside from the NADA site, you can get amazing deals for used anything when you transact online thru Facebook, Craiglist, or by reading different RV blogs and forums so you get first dibs on used trailer listings.  However, you should be more discerning so that you don’t get catfished by a “photogenic” if not photoshopped pop-up trailer thinking it is in excellent shape but is in damaged condition in reality. Nowadays, you can just use the right filter and something that is ordinary can turn into extraordinary with just a click of a button.  Word of caution: Do not buy unless you have seen the vehicle in person.

You should brace yourself for potential repairs after buying a used pop-up trailer

You have to manage your expectations.  After all, you are buying a used pop-up tent trailer.  Unless you are lucky that the used trailer is in mint condition, there will be minor repairs at the very least.  That should not prevent you from going ahead with the purchase.  Some sellers will be upfront on the existing issues of the trailer they are selling. It could need patch-up work on the awning or a fix on a couple of dents on the metal panels which bother you or glue the small tears on the edges.  These quick remedies won’t cost you a lot, some of which you can do by yourself.

If it’s calling for a major repair, then you will have to think twice.  You may have gotten a bargain with the low selling price but the repairs may cost you a lot more than it would have been better than you bought a brand new unit instead.  Beware of seemingly cosmetic issues such as cracked roofing, rotted wood, softened floors as these will affect the integrity of your vehicle.  These are major!

There are instances when you are dealing with a scam artist who sales-talks you into buying his trailer only to find out that you are actually getting a raw deal.  That’s because he or she hid important information from you such as bent frames, not functioning lifter system, heavily damaged tent canvas, etc.  Once again, you must not rely on photos which may not be photoshopped and all but was taken at favorable angles that do not show the problems.  Do your inspection or bring someone not related to the seller to help you with it.  You may just dodge a huge bullet if everything is made known to you as clear as daylight.

You are in for an adventure of your life with the pop-up, woohoo!

When you decide to buy your own trailer, brace yourself for more excitement and fun.
While the road may have been difficult along the way (pun intended) – what with all the things you had to consider in buying one and maintaining it, you will surely enjoy more experiences that have yet to come.  You will start building unforgettable memories with the long road trips, camping stories, bonding with family and friends, surviving the worst weather. These all account to an authentic pop-up trailer lifestyle.


My final 2 cents would be that a pop-up tent trailer is an essential tool for you to have more appreciation for the outdoors or Mother nature together with your loved ones, may they be your family or friends or even both.  As they say, stop and smell the flowers.  We can get caught up with the daily grind that we fail to truly live our lives to the fullest.  With a tent trailer handy, you can escape the hustle and bustle of your everyday existence to experience more of what this planet can offer.  And more often, it is there for you- free of charge. Safe travels!

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